Film Review: 'Yaariyan' is strictly for those who want to enjoy the songs on the big screen


Film: Yaariyan
Cast: Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet, Nicole Faria, Dev Sharma, Shreyas Pardiwalla, Serah Singh and Vikas Verma,  Evelyn Sharma, Deepti Naval, Gulshan Grover
Director: Divya Khosla
Rating: **

What’s it about
Yaariyan is a tailor made recipe for the teens, or those who have stacks of Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl DVDs lined up on their shelf.  A story of five friends who fight racism in Australia and battle it out at a talent championship to save their college, Yaariyan has only one big trump card – its music.  The casting is stereotypical and adult jokes and sexual innuendos have been inserted to cater to those battling puberty blues.

What’s hot
The music is already a rage with ABCD and Sunny Sunny topping the charts. Divya Khosla does a decent job of using these tracks to their maximum benefit.  Be it the background music or opening credits, these two songs make their presence felt throughout. The cinematography adds some visual dazzle, especially in the second half during the romantic numbers. Himansh Kohli who plays the lead has a charming personality and his unconventional geeky boy next door look works in his favour.  Among the girls Evelyn Sharma looks the most attractive and has a role that does justice to her personality.

What’s not
There are moments when you cringe because of the predictability of the scenes. Also a cleavage baring teacher who seduces her male counterpart at any given chance or close up of a girl sucking on to popsicles does nothing but hamper the spirit of the film. In an age where every teenager has access to foreign shows and is exposed to Western culture, succumbing to stereotypes was the last thing Divya should have thought of.  There is very little scope for one to relate to whats happening on screen. Even the patriotic moments or the mother-son track are over the top and lack any real soul.

What to do
Strictly for those who want to enjoy the songs on the big screen, the rest can go revisit Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander the best college campus film of all time!

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