Highlights of SC judgment on mercy plea

The Supreme Court verdict on mercy petitions will have a far reaching effect. Here are some of the highlights of the judgment.

Delay in deciding mercy plea is a relevant ground for commuting death sentence to life imprisonment 

Death sentence of a condemned prisoner cannot be executed if he is suffering from mental illness and schizophrenia and must be commuted to life imprisonment 

Solitary confinement of a death convict and other prisoners is unconstitutional 

A death convict must be hanged within 14 days after dismissal of his mercy petition 

Death convict and his family members must be informed after his mercy plea is rejected by the President or governor 

Legal aid be provided inside jail to the condemned prisoners 

Death sentence of four aides of forest brigand Veerappan commuted to life term on ground of delay in deciding their mercy plea by the govt 

Condemned prisoners must be given a chance to meet their family members before execution of death sentence
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