'Transformers' producer to cast new characters

The upcoming Transformers movie 'Age of Extinction', which will replace Shia LaBeouf with Mark Wahlberg, will have new group of cast and characters.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura,
who has produced three other 'Transformers' movies before, said that he is "curious" about the new sci-fi film, reported Contactmusic.

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"We miss our friends that we did the first three with, and they were great, and they probably could've done more," he said.
"But the advantage of doing it this way is that it feels almost like a first movie. It's a very different dynamic than I've seen in a movie, I'm very curious," he added.
The 57-year-old Bonaventura says that it was big decision to continue the sequel which is a continuation of precious stories, reported Contactmusic.

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"On a certain level it's a continuation of the previous stories, in the fact that it acknowledges what has transpired before it," he said.
"That plays into the movie, moving forwards with a totally different human cast. It's not a reboot, but a continuation, yet you're continuing with a new cast and group of characters. It was a big decision to do that," he added.
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