Rahul Gandhi: First Gandhi PM candidate of Congress since 1991?

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi has finally broken his silence and said that he was ready to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Congress for the Lok Sabha elections. It has not come as a surprise to the people, who have been closely observing the Congress party.
In his January 3, press meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made it clear that he was going to retire after the Lok Sabha elections. Manmohan Singh even indicated that Rahul Gandhi is the right choice for the post of Prime Minister.
A section in the party may be euphoric. But, not everybody in the party is confident that Rahul Gandhi can boost the sagging morale of the party workers and really take on BJP's Narendra Modi and AAP's Arvind Kejriwal.

As Lok Sabha elections approaches, Rahul Gandhi is being forced to handle an impossible task.

Rahul Gandhi has been in politics for the past 10 years. He had the best opportunities to prove his administrative or leadership skills. As many political analysts say last 10 years have been a wasted opportunity for him. His indecisiveness, his reluctance to engage the media, his contradictory views on several important issues and above all his inaccessibility have made unpopular.
Eminent historian and author Ramachandra Guha is one of the most vocal critics of Rahul Gandhi. According to him, the Congress won't be able to change its image and take on its rivals as long as the party leaders don't stop worshipping Rahul Gandhi. Similar views are expressed by many others.
The task is cut out for Rahul Gandhi may sound like an oft repeated cliché. He is being forced to handle an impossible task. The party conclave to be held on January 17 in New Delhi will most likely nominate him as the PM candidate of the Congress.
After that it will be a three horse race - Rahul vs Modi vs Kejriwal. If Rahul Gandhi manages to win at least a respectable number of seats for the party, even if he loses the PM battle, he will remain relevant in the national politics. If the Congress fails miserably, he may have to step down on moral grounds.
But, such things won't happen in the Congress. Win or lose, the Gandhis will always run the party. As veteran editor Kumar Ketkar says the party needs the Gandhis more than the Gandhis need the party.
Since 1991, for the first time a Gandhi will likely to be the PM candidate.

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