SRK, Salman hug at awards function

It was in July 2013 that estranged superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan stunned critics into silence when they hugged and made up at an Iftaar party in Mumbai. And now, six months after that event, the two actors have hugged each other publicly again, not once, but twice. Turns out that at the recently held Star Guild Awards on Thursday (January 16) in Mumbai, Salman and SRK didn’t just hug, but interacted at length and shared a few jokes. What’s more, SRK even ­promoted Salman’s upcoming film, Jai Ho. It started with Salman, who was hosting the show, complimenting SRK for his film’s success in 2013. A source present at the ceremony reveals, “As soon as SRK entered the venue and sat in the audience, Salman spotted him. He looked at SRK and congratulated him on the success of Chennai Express (2013) and told him that it’s great that his film has earned crores at the box-office. He jokingly requested him to say something about his own film, Jai Ho, so that it does well too.” The source adds that SRK took the mike and shouted out, “Jai Ho!”. Shortly after, SRK went on stage twice, to receive two awards and both the times, the duo hugged. In fact, while receiving one of the awards, SRK said, “It feels special to get the award in the company of Salman, one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen.” Interestingly, in a recent interview to us, while discussing his equation with SRK, Salman had said, “I tried my best (to patch up with Shah Rukh) and I still keep trying. I think there is a possibility; there’s a hope that we can still be friends, all of us (including Aamir Khan) will know for sure when somebody is in trouble. I pray that nobody is in trouble ever, but God forbid if someone is, I’d be there for them.” 
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