Watch: Alia Bhatt sings for Highway


The actress who considers herself a bathroom singer tries to give a perfect take, under the guidance of music maestro AR Rahman. And we must say the actress has nailed it. Priyanka Chopra, you have competition.
How she got the offer
"I think Imtiaz heard me humming a tune on the sets and he might have discussed this with (AR) Rahman sir," shares Alia. 

And why she accepted...
 “It’s a soft song and I like soft, mellow numbers. Probably that’s why I sang the song. But, I was really nervous,” says the actor.

Will she keep singing?
 “I am a bathroom ­singer, to be honest. I am not looking to sing professionally or anything,” added the Student of The Year actor.

Industry reactions are also not bad...
Karan Johar: my darling!!! You sing so beautifully... chalo... I atleast have one singer on my side...(wink...wink)!!!
Mahesh Bhatt: Alia sings for AR Rahman for the first time in her life.

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