We are now giving security to Arvind Kejriwal without his knowledge, Shinde says


NEW DELHI: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal may be stubborn about foregoing personal security, but Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Friday revealed that the Delhi Police are guarding him nevertheless, though without his knowledge.

"It is the duty of any state government and the Centre to protect such VVIPs. When he (Kejriwal) was elected chief minister, he was immediately provided security," Shinde said at a press conference here. He said that though the Delhi Police had approached him thrice offering security, he refused the same.

"We are now giving him security cover without his knowledge," Shinde said, adding, Delhi Police personnel are deployed around him to make sure that no harm comes to him. However, the police deployment is mostly static, with no pilot or escort accompanying him during travel from one place to another.

Shinde said the Delhi Police commissioner had also spoken to the superintendent of police, Ghaziabad, where Kejriwal lives, to take care of security in that area.

"Recently there was an attack on the AAP office in Ghaziabad... We have asked the local police that if not directly, they can post their men in the vicinity of these locations," he said.

On Wednesday, the Hindu Raksha Dal had attacked the AAP office located not far from Kejriwal's home in Ghaziabad adjoining Delhi.

Strongly opposed to VIP culture, Kejriwal has repeatedly said he does not want police security for himself. In fact, when the Delhi Police had initially approached him offering PSOs, Kejriwal wrote back saying that he did not need personal security and that "God would protect him".

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