Arvind kejriwal resigned froim the post CM over the Lokpal jam


Kejriwal had showed to all fans that they did not choose the wrong candidate. He has no interest in CM chair but want to for mankind and their well being.

Other politcal parties acting as hindarance in his path. They are trying to demotivate him, want to make him weak, want to deteriogate his personality. But he is NAYAK of new bharat or India. No one can stop him.

He has strong will, has patriotism in mind in soul, want to change standard of life of trodden peoples who has been ruining by politics, crime, unemployment etc

He has made the audit of Electricity department within 5 days, after the oath ceremony, free the water and has lot of things in bucket to do for future.

Guys don't miss this opportunity, a chance to be part of #change4good. Support him.

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