Fans upset, shocked over Anushka Sharma’s apparent ‘lip job’

The previews of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s appearance on the upcoming episode of filmmaker Karan Johar’s hit chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ has reignited rumours of the actress undergoing the knife once again.
Anushka Sharma, who made her debut in 2008 opposite Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi’, looks visibly different around her jaw line from her initial days in the B-town.
The Twitterati, who is shocked with Anushka’s apparent lip job, has a lot to say on the subject.
dp @DeliriousPixie: What happened to Anushka Sharma’s lips ? :o haw. Why do young people make it a point to ruin their faces, intentionally? Beyond me.
Gappistan Radio @GappistanRadio: Anushka Sharma used to look so beautiful.. What has she done to herself? Ugliest woman in India today?
AkKI BOSS @akshaytak5: Has Anushka Sharma got a lip fix?
Gaurav @taklooman: Plastic cannot be recycled. It is hazardous waste. It causes long term damage. e.g. Anushka Sharma’s new face.
RAW Agent @Karann_Kapoor: Anushka Sharma looks horrible after her lip surgery Why did she even go for it in the first place
Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the rumours of Anushka Shama getting a lip job done have made it to news. Anushka’s jaw line was visibly different in her film ‘Matroo Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ than when she appeared in ‘Badmash Company’.
Fans upset, shocked over Anushka Sharma’s apparent ‘lip job’ Fans upset, shocked over Anushka Sharma’s apparent ‘lip job’ Reviewed by Glam Treat on 03:21:00 Rating: 5

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