Samsung Context Service Shares Personal data with Software Developers


Context – Monitoring Function

Identified by the name of Context, memory-resident monitoring service from Samsung devices with Android system will constantly monitor the usage of installed applications and data from mobile sensors. Additionally, information will be collected about users’ preferences recorded words typed on the screen. Further, Samsung could make the collected information available to developers of applications for Android, with the goal of helping to further improvements suited to users needs.

Context – Features

Of course, the Context service will have a role to increase advertising revenue, adapting ads targeted to users’ interests. For example, after a search for recipes by cuisine you may be bombarded with advertisements for restaurants serving the product.

Context – Release date

According to rumors, the introduction of Context service has been temporarily postponed after closer analysis revealed concerns about the negative effects the measure could have on Samsung phones sales, but will surely be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month.

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