Shots, Energy Drinks Lead To Alcohol, Drug Addiction: Study

A new research finds energy drinks among young teens lead to addiction and is strongly associated with any form of drug in the later part of life. It also says even high soft drinks can lead to similar things.
Yvonne M. Terry-McElrath, from the institute of social research in University of Michigan, writes about 33 percent of young teens in the United States take high caffeine energy drinks or shots, and these adolescents land with cigarette, drug and alcohol use in the later part of their life.
The study was conducted on 22,000 US secondary school students and they were asked to fill questionnaires. The researchers found about 30 percent of those participants revealed consumption of such energy drinks which contained caffeine. The team also found over 40 percent of the teens reported of drinking soft drinks everyday and 20 percent said they consumed diet soft drinks on regular basis. The finding also saw teen boys were more tend towards consuming energy drinks than teen girls and also children who lived without parents drank more than those living with parents.
The researchers further writes in the study that the eighth graders or the early teenagers were most likely to intake shots or energy drinks.
The study also finds younger generation often used alcohol with energy drinks to mask the intoxicating effects of the alcohol.
Shots and energy drinks contain in it high doses of caffeine to increase alertness, concentration and energy in individual.
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