Valentine's Day celebrated with interactive candy box Google doodle


Trust Google to come up with an innovative doodle to celebrate festivals that have a global charm to it. This time around it is Valentine's Day. Already up on their New Zealand home page the latest interactive doodle by Google allows users to create customised chocolates on Valentine's Day.

The Google doodle (see above) features a couple with the guy making up the first 'O' and the girl making up the second 'G' of the word Google. The second 'O' is the candy box on which a user can click to create their customised candy boxes. A magnifying glass is also visible to the right, which when clicked, will bring up the search results page for Valentine's Day.

With three candies in Google's Valentine's Day doodle box (see below), a user can create each with multiple combinations of ingredients, of which 13 choices are available - namely milk, dark and white chocolates; sprinklers; gummy bears; toffees; roasted almonds; strawberries; ants; cherries; litchis; walnuts and salt.

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