Separating logics from Silliness

It’s been 7 months i have been following the so called weight loss program jargon and it excites me this day to share my opinions regarding myths and true science behind the weight loss concepts. There are as many opinions as mouths in this world, be rest assured to analyse everyone’s opinion and follow a path which you think is correct; every individual can never be measured on the same yard stick.
There are some myths that die over time, however myths like “chocolate causes acne” keep on bouncing back. Let’s face it Silliness is fascinating and catches eye balls a lot early as compared to the reality. So before you start making a plan for your weight loss make sure you have everything planned and a vision to break through. All weight loss plans have very similar core pillars: Balanced Diet, Healthy Sleep, and Regular Exercise but “ This is just not interesting for people”.

Here I present the top nutrition and exercise myths for you:-

1.       Eggs are bad for you.
Just like every car has its own gasoline requirement to run, similarly every human body is different and has its own requirement. Completely agreed to the fact that core of egg contains fat, but labelling eggs as bad for you is just the wrong way of looking at it. Eggs contain saturated fat and no Trans fat, saturated fat is to be consumed as per our bodies capacity, need and burning yield. So, next time you pop up an egg toast on your plate do not worry , just check the quantiy you need for yourself, cholesterol intake daily should be limited to 300 mg. Be sure to do your maths right to avoid hate rate for eggs.

2.       Carbohydrates are bad for you( as popular in india” Mom don’t cook chapatti for me i am on a diet”)
There is a huge underlining difference between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates and we need to understand it. There is a specific quantity required by the body and if you are not providing the same to it , you are losing health not weight. Pilling on white breads and pasta is surely what i not meant; but good carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, whole grain are surely not the ones to be missed. Studies have shown that initial weight reduction going on a low carb diet will be countered by higher weight gain post a quantum of time when the body gets used to the system.
3.       Everyone is a doctor, but you are your best doctor.
Nobody can tell you how your body feels post food article consumption better than what you can tell to yourself. For some Dairy might be an issue, other carbohydrates might be a problem; one needs to track down body’s resistance and reaction to all food articles and similarly craft his diet plan. When i was in my weight loss program i tracked consuming” Curd” used to make me feel heavy and fluffy, and on consumption of “hot milk” i was indifferent to it. Everybody has his or her own genetic reactions to food ; so analyse before you start jotting down what to eat and what not to eat.


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