How to loose weight

News patrolling - Desperate to lean up and get a good physique; it’s time to burn heavy and ruthless to get that beach ready body instantly.  Shedding kilos at the start is very easy given the fact body is not accustomed to exercise and every inch you move increases metabolism. The real fight comes in for that last layer of flesh; where work out is at an optimum level, metabolism rate is high but time is not in favor for a long wait to get that desired physique. Let’s look at the ways to kill that disturbing layer of fat and get that classy look we desire.

Weights: start pulling if you are not doing this
If you intend to lose weight and are not working on muscle building you are running behind schedule. Start as per your capacity and then climb the ladder work, pulling weight helps in muscle building thus making you lose that extra skin. Muscles act as a fat burning vessel, the smaller the vessel lesser you burn. That is the reason architects of weight loss have always cited balanced diet and exercise as the perfect way to achieve goal rather than a single of them.

High intensity interval training
It’s time for you to push a little bit more. Start increasing the quantum of workout you do to sweat more and burn more.  Go hardcore and go local. Change the platform of running, if you used to run on flat surfaces start sprinting hills, if you do an elephant run than start sprinting. Be sure to not push yourself beyond limits to avoid injuries. As they say stretch only to the limit your body allows.  

The flow of adrenalin, spirit, confidence, joy a sport can give you nothing else can. Sports help keeping the mindset fresh with a competitive spirit to push harder always alive. I still remember my field hockey days, whenever a defender used to steal the ball away from an attacker; attackers ran like USAIN BOLT. Don’t play to be a champion, play to enjoy the game.

Yoga and meditation
No mind full of stress can produce desired results. Be free from all pains and worries whenever you work out. The body needs to fly like a bird and birds should always fly above the crowd. Yoga and Meditation are sure shot ways recommended by yogis to turn into peace.

Stop Worrying start Doing
Focus on Karma rather than Scales.

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