Love,Sex,Dhokha and Paisa

We have heard words Love,Sex and Dhokha, But never get worried because we just listen never experienced. And I am damn sure: you all never listen the forth stage i.e. Money. Here through my this first blog post, I am going to share a girl experience When she has to suffer this type of trauma.
A girl get attracted towards a boy who in starting was looking so caring & attendant spirit for her who was always ready to fulfil her wishes like anything.

wo kehte hai na that love is blind

that girl was madly in love with that angel and crossed the all limits and complete the second stage of the process that is called SEX.

With the passing of every year the girl was started dreaming future with her angel but she was not aware that time has 
been changing at fast pace against her and that angel has been converted into a devil soul, now and would cheat. And the third stage called DHOKHA comes in play.
Generally a process ends up with these kind of stages but in this love story there is another stage-  last but not the least  -

That so called angel is now blackmailing the girl now and demanding : return back all the money to him which he spent on her in past to fulfil her wishes. Otherwise he will ruin her and her family and make her infamous so she will has to complete the 4th stage called  PAISA.
What do you all think about the emergence of last but not the least stage (PAISA) of love process . Is there more to see or listen.
Please leave your comments in comment box and give your suggestion to cope up with these situations.

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