How to turn inputs in to success

We always want success on the spot ,like if we are doing something we want result in next second. Nothing is wrong with it .It is a human nature. We are impatient but we never accept it in front of others .But to get success even in small term we need to learn about the inputs like what we are giving  and what we are accepting. We can never get fruits if we are seeding wheat, we can only get wheat. It is a natural process.
Second thing is continuous effort we need to do the things in continuous way like if we plant a tree our work does not finish here we need to pour water to that tree on daily basis so that we can get shadow and fruits.
In short we can understand success mantra in a way like childhood Hindi Phrase of Sant Kabeer  ...

karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmat hoth Sujaan
rasri aavat jaat hai, sir par hot nisaan

he says that if a dullard person do practice on daily basis he can also become a intelligent and get success in any field like a rope can make marks on a stone with daily practice then why we not.

we all know the tagline practice makes a man perfect, but never apply on ourself , we give up in between. 
So all we need to do is put right inputs in right way with continuous effort, will definitely get the success.

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