7 ways to reach your fitness goals

In the times we live, lifestyles have become increasingly complex and a lot more engaging and fulfilling. However, due to our busy schedules, health often takes a backseat, which may not be a good practice in the long run. Here are 7 smart ways to reach your fitness goals, a blueprint that will help you make the most of your personal and professional life. 

Exercise regularly: It has been revealed in many research studies that 30-60 minutes of exercise, at least 5 times a week, significantly improves overall health. Experts say that it can be as easy as 30 minutes of brisk walking, 5 times a week. However, you can choose from a wide range of options such as jogging, running, swimming, aerobics, etc. You can also opt for sports such as tennis, squash, badminton and basketball. Other options would include weight training, high-intensity workouts, and crossfit training. Yoga is another good thing that you can practice on a regular basis. 

Eat right: This is a heavily debated topic. There are innumerable camps, right from low-fat preachers to paleo enthusiasts, raw eaters, carb loaders, fruit diet fans and many more. Unless you are being guided by a medical practitioner, these fad diets can result in nutritional anomalies, adversely affecting your health. We recommend a balanced diet, one that has the right proportions of whole grains, lentils, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, and fats. Eggs, poultry, fish and meat can also be considered. 

Maintain a healthy weight: Living with even a few kilos of excess body weight can lead to health issues in the long run. Being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, etc. You can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to know the appropriate weight range according to your height. You may need to make adjustments in your diet and step up focus on exercising regularly to maintain your weight in the healthy range. 

Quit your vices: If you smoke, quit immediately. Smoking has been linked with a wide variety of diseases and ailments including heart disease, stroke, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, blindness, cataracts, Age-Related Macular Degeneration and lung and throat cancer. You may also need to reduce your alcohol intake, since it too can lead to health issues. Try healthier options such as green tea, lemon tea, coffee, etc. 
Reduce refined sugar intake: There is a growing body of evidence that reveals the negative effects of refined sugar on human health. Till conclusive reports come in, it would be wise to reduce the intake of refined sugar in your diet. 

Live stress-free: Stress is another monster that you need to overcome in order to ensure optimum health. Sports, exercise and social interactions are good ways to reduce stress. Yoga can also help you reduce stress. 
Go for preventive health checkups: Regular health checkups, preferably half-yearly or yearly, will provide a report card of your overall health.  Based on this, you can then make appropriate changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. 

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