Easy way to remove your unwanted hair

Hey friends, as you know everyone likes long hair but not on body parts. Hair is good for making hairstyles but it becomes a problem and embarrassing thing when you are having hairs on body parts. Today I am going to tell you that how to remove unwanted hairs.  It is very easy to remove your unwanted hairs from your body. But you have to be very careful with few things as we know that it is very risky if we remove hairs with wrong directions. 

So friends we need below things or ingredients for removing unwanted hairs which we need to collect first.

Things and ingredients - 

1 - Fresh Cream (1 table spoon )

2 - Turmeric Powder (1 table spoon )

3 - Milk ( Half Bowl )

4 - Chickpea Flour ( Half Bowl )


1 - Mix Chickpea Flour + Turmeric Powder + fresh cream +milk in a bowl

2 - Make a paste without lumps 

3 - Apply paste on your body parts  to remove your unwanted hairs 

4 - leave the paste on body parts for 25 to 35 minutes 


5 - After 35 minutes, rub the area where you applied the paste and with your wet hands 

6 - Wash the pasted area with lukewarm water 

Things need to take care  

1 - Apply paste very carefully so that each and every hair in such area is covered with the paste 

2 -  Always rub the area in the opposite direction of hair growth so that it would be easy to remove hairs quickly.

3 - For better results try this activity to 4 to 5 times in 10 days.

So friends, try this and let us know your results by leaving a comments in comment box. Till then stay happy and healthy and be your own beautician.😘😍😘😍

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