On Road New Year Celebration

Hey Friends ,First of all Wishing a very very Happy new year to all of you.Guys as you all know that we always think about way to celebrate our happiness,an event or a festival.Recently we all celebrated 31st 2016 eve and welcomed new year 2017.I know that you all have celebrated new year in your own style and I am sure that you enjoyed that a lot,as everything was pre-planned in a proper way.But have you ever went for a unplanned enjoyment or celebration for new year eve - NO!!! 

Not a problem if NO,but I would suggest that you should go for a unplanned celebration for any event.And I can bet that you will love that unplanned celebration way which can double your happiness amount at cheaper cost.The unplanned celebration way can give you number of unforgettable moments and memories. 

Why should go with unplanned way of celebration -

Why we should go for unplanned way of celebration - I can give you a reason by sharing my last night experience.Me and my friend,both were came from office and were tired like both will die in another a minute if do anything.But one of our common friend called us and ask about the party plan for new year 2017.We were like that-


But we decided that let's go outside and will see whatever happens.We got ready and booked a cab.After taking cab,we decide that let's go to HVK,Delhi and will have some fun,dance,Masti,Dhamaal with friends in any pub & restaurant.Well after reaching HVK we all were surprised to see the Crowd over there.
Literally,for a minute,I felt that I am in "KUMBH KA MELA" and was a lil bit disappointed that why I am here with out any planning or pre-booking in any restaurant for celebration.

After such Disappointment,I decided that I will not let spoil my eve and will celebrate it in unplanned way.So we came back from there as there was a lot of crowd and Police force was about to do "LAATI CHARGE".

Well we booked a auto and decided to move on from there and go back to home.Secondly we all were dying to hunger,so we bought few burgers and eat it in auto itself.But in midway to our home we decided to go to Saket. Beacuse some where we all has a hope that may be we can get chance to get in to a party place.

After returning from HVK ,we went to SAKET and again met to disappointment.Well is was 11:30 now and we were like - " Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka".Well, there was a bakery shop,so we went there to buy a cake as we pre-decided. 
But again we were unlucky as we did not found any cake in that bakery shop.  We were sad but full with hope and positivism that we will do something for us in unplanned way and will celebrate our NEW YEAR EVE on ROAD.

So we Purchased a pack of Chocolate Muffins instead of New Year CAKE.Well counting has been on as it was 11:55 pm and everyone was shouting. Me and my friends were also shouting Happy NEW Year and wishing every unknown person who were in our surrounding over there.Well at 12:00 we all came together and hugged each other,made a circle and start jumping and shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.

Now it's time to cut the cake,As it all was unplanned,we did not had a knife to cut the SO called cake "Chocolate Muffins".SO I decided that we all will have a bite together at the same time with one "Chocolate Muffins".I know it's too much and you can say that "KYA PAGALPAN HAI YAAR" but You would't believe that it was a experience that we never had.We were happy and celebrating our NEW YEAR ON ROAD by cutting a piece of Muffin with mouth.

In the end I was thinking that it was good that we could not got a place for party and celebrating our NEW YEAR like this as it was best and unique. Because anyone can enjoy in favorable situation not in unfavorable one.

Well you can think or say that what a stupidity it was.May be I say the same if you ask me yesterday.But today I smile whenever I think about the last night on new year celebration. 

So my lovely friends,don't think too much about the celebration for any event just celebrate it in any way and collect the memories.It does't mean that you have money or place to celebrate your happiness.If you have a great positive view to see thing positively,you can earn a good amount of memories.So lets' celebrate and share you way of celebration with us by leaving a comment in comment section.Till next celebration round I am wishing you all a  very happy new year a head.
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