A product review - Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

After a long search of natural biotic shampoos I got this cute and grippy aloe vera hair cleanser cum shampoo. Since childhood, in believe in nature and nature’s law so thus goes with nature’s best treatment for hair ayurveda.
For my irritating and persisting dandruff, dry scalp I tried many branded shampoo but along with dandruff I lost my hair also.
Three weeks before I purchased this natural product from Patanjali. I am happy to reveal the fact behind my shining hair is only and only this aloe vera hair cleanser. No more dandruff, no more dry scalp. Hair fall is not an issue now with this natural product.
Price: It is 75rs for 200 ml.
Usage: First wet your hair fully with lukewarm water. Then apply 2 to 3 ml of this cleaner into your scalp, rinse thoroughly , keep for another 5 minutes and then wash your hair with sufficient water.
I found very silky and soft hair. Split ends are also not an issue now.
It has all the natural ingredients within it that makes a complete package of natural hair cleanser.
Appearance: It’s transparent green gel type but when is applied in the scalp if head, it forms very nice fruity smell lathers that are enough to make hair soft, silky and dirt free.
Hibiscus, haldi, amla, heena, along with other ingredients make thus aloe-vera a complete natural shampoo.
A product review - Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser A product review - Patanjali Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser Reviewed by Glam Treat on 10:06:00 Rating: 5

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