How to get the “gifts you really need"

It's absolutely alright if someone gifts you a coffee maker on your wedding. You gladly receive it and think about the pleasures of enjoying fresh coffee every day with your loved ones. You move to your other wedding gifts and find that there's one more coffee maker. "Not a problem", you say, as you can always give it to any of your friends or relatives, or keep it as a backup. You open more gifts and there are even more coffee makers - not one, two or three, but a dozen of them. "Now, what am I supposed to do with a dozen coffee makers?” you wonder. "Should I install one each in every room?" "No, that won't work since I don't even have a dozen rooms".

 You shake your head in despair, as there's no other option but to dump all the unwanted coffee makers somewhere and hope that you would be able to gift these to other people.

Sounds familiar? It must be because such things happen almost every day. The problem of duplicate, unwanted gifts really kills the joy of receiving gifts and turns your home into a warehouse. You wish there was some way you could have got the gifts you really needed. For example, a diamond necklace or all the furnishings for your home or an overseas travel package, etc. "But, who can gift me such expensive items?” you wonder. "My guest list is not so rich", you say. Well, you may have been right in the past, but not in the present, because now you have a way to get the gifts you really need. It's that is revolutionizing the gifting scene in the country.

"So, what's special about" "Isn’t it just another gift registry service?" No, it's a lot more than just a gift registry. At ChipNGift, people in your guest list can pool their individual contributions to create a large sum of money, which can then be used to buy the gift(s) you really need. Consider there are 50 people in your guest list and you want a necklace that costs Rs 99,999. Obviously, no guest is going to gift you a one lakh necklace, but with ChipNGift, each guest can contribute 2k; creating a single pool of Rs 1,00,000. It can also be that different guests contribute different amounts to average out at 2k per guest. With the Rs 1 lakh thus collected, you can then be delighted to have your necklace on your wedding day. can be used for various occasions such as birthday, wedding, engagement, mehendi, anniversary, farewell, housewarming, family gathering, kitty party, baby shower, etc. It can also be used for Charity events to collect money for someone who may be in need of financial assistance. If you want the gifts you really need, you should definitively try

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