Money saving travel tips

Travelling isn’t a very cheap affair. It does cost quite a lot of money, air tickets, accommodation, commuting, etc. But the smart idea is to save wherever it is logical to save.
Below is a list of money saving tips that you may use for your next travel plan:
1. The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Pick that one that seems comfortable yet cheaper
2. Travel off-season and you’re sure to find better bargains. Much of Europe still has beautiful weather come September, but with kids back at school, flights will be cheaper and your destination a lot less crowded
3. If you’re worried about excess baggage charges, why not wear your extra items instead of cramming them into your case? There are some fantastic products on the market that let you take additional belongings on your person ensuring they won’t count as excess baggage. A luggage jacket combined with a good hand-luggage bag will get you the absolute maximum amount of luggage on a plane, without having to pay any check-in costs
4. Stay in private room (home-stays) instead of an expensive hotel
5. Carry food along wherever possible – at airport, etc.
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  1. Good idea on tip #3. I’m also a big fan of packing light and will only take what can fit into a daypack. If there’s something that’s absolutely needed later, I’ll go buy it.

    Kim -


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