A sudden but lively trip to AGRA

After a long & hectic week of daily boring office life, I got an opportunity from individual point & responsibility from company perceptive to attend a seminar cum meeting in our Agra office.

I was very excited & full of joy as I had never experienced the real beauty of the "Taj Mahal" through my naked eyes😁. My trip started with a train journey of 2 hours via Gatimaan express which took me from Delhi to Agra. The train journey was also act as a add-on to my excitement. I learnt a lot from my train companion about the Agra & other places of attraction.

I was just keen to get de-board at Agra as soon as possible. And the time arrived, when I reached  and there was my cab-driver waiting for me outside the railway station to take me to that meeting point (a little irritating but job is first priority for everyone as usual). I slept my excitement for some hours to focus on work.

Taj Mahal was just at half an hour away from my meeting venue and luckily my meeting got over 1 hour early than expected so I sneaked out and book a cab to my real destination of this journey. 
Road aside there are lots of stalls, selling amazing handicrafts and other items like miniature of Taj Mahal , small glass lanterns , stone carved sculptures, there was all a shopaholic can imagine for.. My cab dropped me a few steps away from the main big gate carved out of red stone all housing a lot of guides searching for someone to hire them.

Through that big door I saw the alluring view of the white beauty (one f seven wonders of world) . Tomb is the main centre-piece with 4 high standing pillars as though guarding it. As we all know the Taj Mahal was constructed by Shahjahan the great ruler and husband of Mumtaaz in her loving memory. In the basement, holy graves of both, the lovers which is a restricted area to visit but people can have a eye-sneak through a little opened small chained horizontally laid down door. Their is a beautiful garden surrounding the Love Symbols. There were a lot of people taking photographs of the scene and their selfies. the Sun was setting and the sky was filled with pink and orange rays  over the one of the wonder of world..

In evening, the beauty of this white fort under moon light can't be expressed in words. For this, you have to plan a trip to Agra. Luckily I had that glimpse as my meeting got over around 4pm. Work converted into fun and made my weekend unforgettable.

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