Utilize the power of social media with Blog2Social

Time is one major investment in shaping goals of a blog. To achieve set results, time should be saved and used suitably. Blog2social is a wordress plugin which enables to schedule blogs post to the social sites automatically.  It sounds perfect to everyone who is seeking for organized posts, auto posting to social platform.

Social sites have become crucial to bring traffic.  To enjoy the traffic, it is vital to keep social sites pages updated, the content should be capable in engaging the visitor. With help of Blog2social, you can make it happen. As name describes itself, the blogs are posted to social sites via Blog2soical.
Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin which does auto-posting and enables user with option of customizing and scheduling.  As and when a blog post is made in wordress, the post will be published automatically on social media sites. This way anyone can save time.  The plugin removes the double work. Blog2Social plugin also enables #hashtags, @handles and comments robotically in view of each networks’ requirement.

Blog2Social gives option to use time scheduler with the help of time schedule, someone can easily keep scheduled posts as per desired times. Mantra of engaging maximum audience, time makes a sense. This plugin gives you option to schedule and customized each post as per the audience preference to the social media sites.

You can share you each blog post to every social media sites on different days and different timings.  Else you can share the blog posts in on go to all social media sites, be it Facebook or Instagram. If you find a post is doing very good, and able to engage more traffic in your social media page or wordpress blog, you can reschedule the same post after a particular time with few clicks.

Holiday can be peaceful with lot of saving of time and automatic post scheduling and rescheduling.

Blog2Social plugin is a helping tool to every blogger, social media agencies and social media executives. The Plugin enables them to create a perfect scheduling of the posts. The plugin works on each and every social media sites and channels say it Facebook or Reddit.

In less time, scheduling the blog posts to multiple Social Media sites is easy with Blog2Social. Blog2Social brings more traffic with less time investment, keep Social channels engaged and build audience traffic. 

Easy yet powerful, Premium yet Freemium, Blog2Social is must plugin for blogs.

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