Tanisha; The girl with a golden palette and magical brushes

You must have heard that people are born with talent. It is the time that you believe this because there are such people who are blessed by the almighty to have a sense of art & creativity. One such incredibly blessed child is Tanisha, a 17 year old girl that has an amazing sense of creativity.
Tanisha recently presented her work at Delhiand made the center of attraction at the gallery. Her work was a pure representation of art and presented the making of a great artist. With a distinct taste and style, each painting of Tanisha’s work portrays a different aspect of her talent & visualization. She is a master in making beautiful handmade paintings; Tanisha also describes her paintings in the word.
A beautiful painting of her, which showcases a flawlessly drawn ‘flower pot’ has a description note at the bottom that read, “The fragrance of the time I painted it still lingers on this flower pot”.
Her paintings have a touch of feminism as she makes portraits of a lady, who is complete in herself. She let the colors speak for her and make a visual presentation that itself is an explanation for the unknown.
Tanisha started painting when she was just 3 years old. Today, at 17, she has made hundreds of paintings and each one of them is a marvel of creation. In her exhibition, she presented her best work so far but a glance on those mesmerizingly portrayed paintings clearly spell that the girl has golden potential in the heart.
At such a tender age, when most of the teenagers are quite confused what they will become in the future, Tanisha already has a clear vision in mind. To set her wings of imagination free, she wishes to make many such free style paintings. She is also planning to pursue professional courses in this line to understand the core of art with perfection.

We are sure that such a blessed child that Tanisha is, her future will definitely embrace her with golden opportunities. Another great artist in making, Tanisha won accolades for her work in the exhibition and raised the standard high for the artists with her flawless work.
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