This eating season - Let's go local.

When you go to eat, you always see many kinds of international superfoods at every restaurant and every shop. They are delicious and good, but they miss the taste of their origin country.
However, the secrets of the country are found in the local food, which is so unbelievable, full of flavors, and it actually reaches your table the fastest and the freshest. Unfortunately, most of those who offer the best local food in the area remain hidden under our very noses, and their amazing products are often nondescript due to the limited time and means they have to market themselves.
India, especially Mumbai, is the city of delicious food and recipes like lassis, kebabs, puriss, patties and many others, so if you want to taste the real local food, just check these 3 amazing places:
1- Pav bhaji at Sardar's
You can reach there by walking five-minute from Mumbai Central station, then if you say “Pav bhaji?" , everyone will point you in the right direction. They offer two metal plates which arrive within few minutes, one contains thick vegetable masala straddled by a slab of butter, while the other contains fluffy rolls. Squeeze some lemon and start eating. You won’t be able to stop asking for more, and your stomach will be full and grateful.
2- Kebabs at Sarvi
The greatest kebab in the city can be found at Mohammed Ali Road which is the benchmark for kebabs. When you reach their go head to Sarvi. Although it has no sign and looks fire damaged, Sarvi grills the most tender beef seekh kebabs. They offer crisp kebabs on the outside and melting in the middle, but make sure to go there early, because such delicious kebabs don’t stay for a long time.
3- Vada Pav at Anand
One of the best snacks at Mumbai is made of some potato patties mashed with garlic, chillies and coriander, they are dipped in chickpea flour, then fried golden, and laid in "pav". Whether you are a student, a businessmen, or a housewife, you will be amazed by the fabulous flavors. You can also enjoy the mini bottles of sweet lassi from the stall to the left.These are the best 3 local food experiences offered by the best 3 vendors. They can now have an online identity thanks to the new food social app, Nouns, where you can found anything related to best food, tastes, and flavors. Follow the city's food map, discover new places and share experiences with other foodies; whether they are about street food joints, home chefs or fine-dine restaurants.
Check Nouns:
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