Best places to visit when in Gujarat

Gujarat is indeed one of the most beautiful states of India, owing to its rich culture, tradition, and fun-loving people. Though there are multiple reasons that you will love Gujarat for, we bring to you the top attractions of the state that will make you fall in love with this place all over again.
  1. Runn Utsav: This is undoubtedly the best experience that you would have in Gujarat. The spectacular sight of a glistening White Rann under the full moon along with various glimpses of Kutchi Culture, handicrafts and outdoor activities make this desert carnival a perfect holiday destination.
  2. Old fort of Junaagad: Literally meaning the “Old Fort”, Junagad is a fortified city steeped in history. Sprinkled with Mosques, temples both Hindu and Buddhist and other historical structures
  3. Ahmedabad: The tourist attractions in Ahmedabad include Bhadra Fort, well laid out historical buildings, mosques and lakes. Mahatma Gandi’s ashram, known as Sabarmati Ashram is one of the major draws of the city along with the nearby modern marvel Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar.
  4. Vadodara: It referred to as the cultural capital of the state is one of the most visited tourist places in Gujarat. After the waning Mughals were expelled by Marathas the Gaekwads, the local generals of Marathas established Vadodara as their capital. The city offers a seamless fusion of the past and present.
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