How To Be A Good Team Leader

You have put in five years of experience at the existing company in the form of a customer care executive.
Your company is the best in providing services of packers and movers Hyderabad. After five years, you harbor a secret dream of becoming the team leader, but have doubts regarding your capabilities. Your senior has been deputed to another department. Now you are the absolute choice in the company as you know the entire process. Are you, the reader, also in a similar situation? Then this article will give you valuable information.

It is very easy to remain a team member for 100 years but to remain as a team leader is a challenge.
There is no particular rule for being a good team leader – you just have to make the best of every
situation. Every day will be a challenge – so put in your humanitarian traits or very soon, you will run
for the door.
If you want to become the team leader, ensure you follow the steps perfectly to maintain a good
working environment.

1. Leadership
In order to gain respect among the team members, you need to keep aside a section of your work
time daily in your role. If you have a pile of tasks ready in the morning, be ready to stretch your daily
working hours. As a team leader, your presence is vital for the team. In case of unfavorable situations,
they will definitely need your support. So, be sure to do hard work and re-negotiate the work load
before opting for the leadership role in the work place.

2. Team Members

Being a team leader, you should influence the team members to achieve the objectives of the
company. This is the biggest challenge every team leader faces in any company. You should
personally know the team members and the reasons for joining the company.
A good team leader is a patient listener. It is better to let the team members do the talking for
their issues. Become an expert in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
3. Communication
After you have gained the confidence of team members, it is vital to keep the communication level
on the same page.If you want your team members to listen to you, start showing interest in their
career and activities. It is mandatory to make the job responsibilities clear to every team member.
Do not fall into assumptions. In case of a new project, do not make assumptions. Ask questions to
find if everyone has knowledge of the new project properly. In a similar situation, encourage as
well embrace new ideas. Involve everyone in the project and it will become a sure success.

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4. Set Examples
You can make a note of the behaviors required from the team members and ensure that you exhibit
the same traits. You should take care to be the role model and achieve what you say. In short,
live by your word. This nature will impact the work habit and attitude of the team members.
However, do not put in a false appearance. If you do, you can easily be unmasked and team
members will lose their faith.
Be honest and show compassion. It is a challenge to treat every member in the team on the
same note. Ensure that you retain gratitude on your company. You should never criticize persons
from the other departments in front of the team.

5. Reward
Be courageous to praise the good performances of a team member in front of others. Agreed,
you may not get good appraisals and promotions, but verbal praise will go a long way. The team
members will appreciate if you make a note of their achievements.
Ensure that you devote proper time to tackle poor performance. It is necessary to take charge
at the earliest. The more you delay, the difficult will it be to solve the problem. Understand that
mistakes do happen. The rule – NEVER PLAY THE BLAME GAME.
In case of an argument – always do in the closed room. Never make it public and the floggings
in front of everyone – NEVER.

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To succeed as a team leader, it is vital that you remain a friend to everyone instead of a
strong leader. Remember, even if you wish the best for everyone, your assistance and advice
will not be well-received.

Place trust in every team member. In case of shortage of team members in a project, you can
pitch in. But never do the work of your juniors. In case of an issue, ensure that you give the required
support to them. Remember, management of the team is always a learning process. You can never
get the answers handy for every situation.
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