Revamped Sterling Holidays Charts Delightful Experiential Journeys for Travellers

With a new brand identity, logo and mascot, improved services, upgraded resorts, and exciting new destinations, Sterling Holidays has unlocked unique experiences and signature discoveries for travellers.

It’s time to #HolidayDifferently with Sterling, as the company has upgraded its holiday packages, destinations and resorts to suit the needs of today’s experiential travellers. From the time it started its journey in 1986, Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited has been instrumental in transforming the travel and holiday space in the country. Around three decades later, Sterling Holidays is embarking on a new journey, as it focuses on providing one-of-a-kind experiences to travelers.

The joy of discovery is at the core of the new philosophy at Sterling and its being made possible through new travel destinations and curated experiences. It's not just about the destination, but more about providing travellers the opportunity to experience local art & culture, cuisine, history, nature, wildlife, and the people themselves.

What’s NEW at Sterling Holidays?
We were invited to Sterling Holidays Bloggers Meet that was held in Bengaluru. This is where we learned about the company’s rebranding story and how it is making holidays a lot more special, enjoyable and memorable for travellers. The Sterling Holidays Bloggers Meet was hosted by Mr.
Peshwa Acharya, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Mr. Anand Ramachandran, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Sterling.

We were presented with some key insights about how the needs and preferences of travellers have evolved overtime and how Sterling Holidays has stepped up its focus on the ‘joy of discovery’ and providing experience based holidays. We also got to know about all things that are NEW at Sterling Holidays.

Unique Destinations: Today's travellers want to experience something new and exciting and Sterling is making it possible by continuously adding new destinations to its holiday packages. For example, there's Sterling Wayanad, a scenic hill station in Kerala, offering innumerable sightseeing options and activities such as trekking and night safari. Then there's Sterling Dindi, which offers travellers an ideal place for a memorable riverside holiday. Dindi is located in Andhra Pradesh along the Godavari River and its enchanting virgin beauty is resplendent with tranquil backwaters, lakes, rivulets and lagoons. Sterling Holidays has added several other unique destinations that are a true delight for travellers.
 Sterling Discoveries: Guided by the philosophy of ‘Joy of Discovery’, Sterling Holidays is offering unique experiences to travelers at its holiday destinations.  For example, at Sterling Darjeeling, travellers can actually discover how tea is made. At Sterling Darjeeling, travellers can take a tour of a tea estate and also take part in a tea tasting session. Another good example is that of Sterling Corbett, which provides the perfect conditions for star gazing. With its wide, clear skies, Sterling Corbett offers travellers to discover the innate beauty of celestial bodies.
Holiday Insurance: Sterling now offers a new kind of door to door Holiday Insurance that covers your entire journey, right from the time you step out of your home to the time you return from your holiday. Sterling Holidays is the first company in India to offer such a useful insurance policy to its customers. The Holiday Insurance is aimed at providing complete peace of mind, so that travellers can focus entirely on their holidays.

Unexpected Surprises: Sterling Holidays has some exciting surprises in store for travellers at its various resorts. Titled '100 Days of Joy!’, this initiative offers a calendar of 100 days of festivals and events. These surprise festivals and events aim to make travellers' stay at Sterling Resorts a lot more engaging and enjoyable.

Sterling Holidays Rebranding: Sterling Holidays has implemented a NEW Brand Identity that comes with a new brand logo, mascot and tagline. The new logo represents a swirling pinwheel, which essentially symbolizes the confluence of people, places and experiences. Each strand of the pinwheel comes with bright colors - Royal Purple, Warm Red and Bright Yellow. Purple denotes new experiences and discoveries; Red is about people and their passion for travel; and Yellow reflects the boundless energy of exciting travel destinations.
Sterling Holidays has also introduced its cute Discovery Mascot named ‘Raja Rex’. The name has been derived from Rajasaurus Narmadensis, a dinosaur of Indian Origin. The mascot will serve to assist travellers in discovering the most fascinating travel destinations and experiences.
The new tagline ‘Holiday Differently!’ aptly captures the new philosophy at Sterling, which is all about delighting travellers with thrilling destinations and discoveries.

We had a great time interacting with Mr. Peshwa Acharya and Mr. Anand Ramachandran and would like to thank them for their time to help us understand everything that’s NEW at Sterling. Sterling's focus on unlocking new experiences and discoveries is truly pioneering in the Indian holiday space and we are certain that it would be a huge hit among travellers. Sterling is expecting an increased demand for its holiday packages and resorts, which is why it is in the process of adding more rooms and resorts at various locations across the country.

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