4 Reasons Why No One Can Ever Say ‘No’ To the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Flurys

The Chocolate Truffle Cake is a total winner when it comes to the Flurys-famous delicacies. Here are 4 fantastic reasons why.

There are plenty of wonderful cakes that seem to have won over the sweet-tooth(s) of Kolkata over the course of time. Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cakes, Nutty Fudge Cake, Blackforest Cake, Fruit Cake, Banana Cake, Mango Cake, Coffee Cake, Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Cake, Plain Chocolate Cake, Butter Cake, and the list of some of the most delicious cakes can go on and on. However, no matter how many claps and cheers these world-famous cakes gather, for every Calcuttan, there is only one stop cake shop, and that is Flurys. What was just a mere tea room in 1927 has now evolved into the most celebrated trademark of the city, shaping its heritage and culture in more ways than one; Flurys truly stands out as one of the most talked-about confectionaries in Kolkata owing to its smooth texture, fancy toppings, and lip-smacking taste, which it adds to each and every cake that it houses.
But the cake that has managed to become the reigning queen in the land of rich and gooey Flurys famous cakes is the Choco Truffle Cake. There is something about devouring this absolute piece of paradise under the chandeliered ceiling of the Flurys cake shop but you can now also get the cake delivered in Kolkata as Flurys, one of the best bakeries in Kolkata has a dominating presence online as well.

So, be it a sudden sweet binge or an occasion to celebrate, the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Flurys is a must. Here we have jotted down 4 reasons why you cannot say no to this Flurys special delicacy. Take a look.
Love at First Sight
Have you taken a glance at the gorgeous cake? The traditionally made cake with a chocolate ganache at the center is coated in cocoa powder, chopped almonds or hazelnuts, and chocolate looks nothing but irresistible. It is every cake lover’s dream come true that they can relish bit by bit. So, obviously, when you take a sneak-peek at their menu or the glass shelf at the counter of their store, this is the cake that grabs all attention and picked first, no matter what the occasion.
Undying Emotion for Years
Flurys special cakes have an undying quality in itself. Steeped in tradition and classic lineage, these cakes are the pride of Kolkata. And the Choco Truffle Cake has been a reflection of the sinful gluttony found in every Calcuttan for years. It oozes richness, warmth, and coziness not just in its taste and appearance but in the emotion that it conveys. Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary or any promotion announcement, or farewell, this cake can be the right way to express your feelings for someone.

Best Birthday Surprise Ever
Do you want to make your loved one’s birthday the most special one ever by giving him or her a midnight surprise? Well, the Choco Truffle Cake is the perfect choice for this. After all, no birthday celebration is complete without that chocolaty indulgence. So, whether it is your friend, parent, or sibling who is celebrating their birthday, this Flurys cake is the best gift for them. And now if you want to buy a birthday cake from them, you don’t have to stand in the long queue outside because Flurys brings you an amazing opportunity to order it online. So, make the most of this opportunity now and look up your calendar to know whose birthday it is next.
Battles Out All the Blues
Regardless of whether it is Monday, life is full of blues. And more often than not, it is sweet indulgences that become our savior. Whether it is a sad breakup or a simple mood swing, the Choco Truffle Cake from Flurys can combat all the issues in your life. Therefore, if your friend is upset about her boyfriend, your brother is sad about not winning a match, or if your mother is angry at you, think no more and run to Flurys. Grab this gooey surprise and cheer them up in no time. Now you don’t even have to step out to order this cake. Simply take your smartphones and order from Flurys online.

So, if you want to indulge in this sinful paradise, you can drop by at Flurys, the best cake and chocolates shop in Kolkata or visit them online.

4 Reasons Why No One Can Ever Say ‘No’ To the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Flurys 4 Reasons Why No One Can Ever Say ‘No’ To the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Flurys Reviewed by Glam Treat on 08:19:00 Rating: 5

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