The effective methods stop vomiting and throwing up bile


The common question “Which methods are effective stop vomiting and throwing up bile?” is concerned by many people who are having this tiring symptom. Find out about the solution for vomiting and throwing up bile in the article below.

1. What causes vomiting and throwing up bile?
- Food poisoning: The first potential cause is food poisoning. Vomiting and throwing up bile occur when your food or water is not fresh because of some effects of bacteria and viruses. The accompanying symptom is a stomachache or a fever.

- Gastroenteritis: Gastroenteritis, also known the stomach flu, is a common symptom when eating poisoned water or food. Because of this case, it’s quite similar to food poisoning. It makes it more difficult to digest whatever a person eat, and consequently, vomiting and throwing up bile happen.

- An empty stomach: Vomiting and throwing up bile are known as body’s defense mechanisms to avoid all dangerous toxins in spite of the feeling of an empty stomach.

- A cyclic vomiting syndrome: Occasionally, there is no reason for vomiting and throwing up bile. It’s just a cyclic body mechanism, at least three times in a six-month time.

There are other causes of this annoying situation. Above are several common reasons. So, your job is to find the solutions to stop them.

2. The effective methods to stop vomiting and throwing up bile?

·         Using relaxation techniques:
-    Put a cool, soft cloth on your forehead: This method is really effective to those who are suffering from a throbbing head and sudden onset of heat. Avoid using an ice pack, it even makes you worse.

-   Go outside to breathe the fresh air: Your lungs and body can feel so soothing when you take a short walk and breathe deeper than normal.

-    Keep your feet higher than your body: You can use pillows to do this.
-  Make the sense of touch active: There are many ways for you to escape yourself from the discomfort. One of them is to making the sense of touch active. It can bring a little pain, but don’t worry. You can try some ways such as doing pinch your arms, using teeth to bite your lower lip or pulling hair a little bit. It sounds useless, but here are some simple but efficient methods to prevent vomiting and throwing up bile.
·         Some useful solids:
It sounds a little weird when eating to stop vomiting or throwing up bile. But let try digesting bland food such as biscuits, crackers in small amounts. This type of food can absorb your stomach acids and decrease nausea. Chewing gum or sucking on a mint is another good way.
An advice is absolutely avoiding the digestion of fatty, acidic or spicy foods. These make your stomach work continuously. It means that, your situation of vomiting and throwing up bile increases
·         Some efficient liquids:
Firstly, drink only a little water after vomiting. Then try some clear liquids, something with elecytrolytes. When going through the vomiting, you can lose some important electrolytes, so the following acceptable “clear liquids” can help you: weak tea, apple juice, bouillon. Remember that, caffeine, carbonation are not good for you.
·         Using Drugs:
This can be the last solution chose. It’s really a nightmare for those who are afraid of taking medicine. Dramanine, acetaminophen (such as aspirin, ibuprofen), scopolamine patches are often used to prevent vomiting and throwing up bile.

If our vomiting hasn’t disappeared after 2 days, see a doctor immediately.
At each level of your disease, there are different ways to treat. Vomiting and throwing up bile are common, but don’t ignore it. The discomfort and inconvenience can cause the low quality of life. I hope the information we shared above can help those who want to prevent vomiting and throwing up bile effectively.


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