5 Bollywood Actors Who Inspired Youth to stay Fit

The concept of Fitness is slowly growing among the youth. They are getting conscious of their health and fitness, and are putting efforts to be healthy. But is that all? No, right? One can not just go on and on without any push. Yes, we are talking about the required push. There are a lot of ways by which one can stay motivated. Let’s have a look at 2 of the best ways that most people follow.

Bollywood Music to Boost our Fitness

Music brings solace to the soul. Not only that, it also enhances our capabilities. So listening to music is the best possible way to push yourself forward. When you are doing your workout, you can plug in your playlist and give yourself a goal to carry on till the songs finish. And these songs would then entertain you while you are sweating and building body.

Some of the best Bollywood songs from Bestoftheyear, that can go in your workout playlist are Sultan Title Song, Lakshya Title Song, Ziddi Dil, Chak Lein De, and many more. You can find all such songs on the net. Make sure that the next time you go for workout, you have all these songs in your playlist.

Bollywood Actors

While music is a great way, following your favourite celebrity’s lifestyle is also one of the best ways to stay motivated. Who can be the better inspiration for fitness than our favourite Bollywood Heroes? There has been a strong trend these days that only fit actors will rock the box office. So due to that, all the actors are eagerly building up their fitness.

Imagine the life of these actors. They have to work all day for their shoots or concerts. And along with that, they even find time to take care of their fitness. One should definitely learn some motivational skills from these actors. So now, let’s have a look at 5 Bollywood actors who are an inspiration for the youth of whole world.

11.    John Abraham
He is the fittest of all actors till date. You can clearly see each and every muscle on his body. John’s routine of staying fit is something people desperately look for. How he manages his passion, work and gym is definitely commendable.

2.    Salman Khan
Salman Khan is famous for showing his 6 pack abs in almost all his films. And he is also one of the actors who is crazily followed by whole of the world. So because of his maximum reach, he makes the best influencer for the youth to stay fit. Salman Khan Movies have been some of the highest grossing Bollywood movies at the box office and also the most inspirational. So our Dabangg Khan is not just the King of Box office, but also great personality. You can checkout how successful his movies are at the box office here.

3.      Akshay Kumar
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. And Akshay Kumar has proven this rhyme 100% true. Mostly, everybody is aware of his 10 to 4 sleep routine. He pursues fitness aggressively and is one of the fittest Bollywood celebrities. One should definitely take inspiration from this popularly beloved actor and get on the task of achieving and maintaining fitness.

4.     Bipasha Basu
Not just the males, even females need some inspiration, right? And they cannot deeply follow the male celebrities, no matter how hot they look. So for them, Bollywood actresses come into picture. Bipasha Basu is known as the fittest Bollywood queen. Her physique and routine not only inspires women, but some men as well. She has been seen plenty of times talking about Fitness on various platforms.

5.      Priyanka Chopra
Mary Kom has proven to be a great adventure for this international queen. For the preparation of this movie, PC has gone through rigorous training and achieved the perfect body. So when she can go to any extent to fulfil her aim, why can’t you?

So now, get your feet running and prepare yourself for some exciting fitness routine. For an extra push, you can even cover your room with the posters of your favourite actor having a fit body.

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