Ten signs that you need to move on to the next job

Sometimes, the lack of interesting assignments, issues with the boss or coworkers or a shift or uncertainty in the organizational priorities, may drive a person to seriously contemplate quitting their current job and moving on to the next one. This article lists the ten major signs that tell you that you are ready to move on, professionally:

  1. Every morning you don’t feel like going to work: Is getting out of bed every morning an undesirable task for you? Do you hate getting ready for work? Do you count and wait for office holidays? If the answer to two or more of these questions is “yes”, then you seriously need to start looking for the next job.
  2. You feel unwell physically and mentally: Do you feel constantly fatigued and depressed during work hours? Are you falling sick more often? Do the work hours last so long, that you no longer find time to exercise, eat well and interact with your family? You have to realize that no job is more important than your mental, physical and social health and acknowledge that your current job is affecting you negatively.
  3. There’s no chance of a promotion: If you have exhausted all avenues of receiving a promotion in your current job, then its time to utilize your experience and apply for better job opportunities.
  4. The work environment is toxic: If your office coworkers are making life difficult at work or your boss is no longer happy with you, then its time to seriously consider moving on, as such an environment would drain you out mentally.
  5. You’re complaining more than actually working: If most of your self-talk or conversations with office colleagues centres around how unfulfilling or depressing your present job is, then it is time you begin applying for new jobs. On the other hand, this can also prove counterproductive for you if a coworker complains to your boss about this.
  6. Better opportunities are available in the market: If you find that there are better jobs available out there, then you need to apply to them.
  7. You no longer fit in the job professionally: If you think that you are overqualified for your present job, then you must apply for jobs that cater to your elevated job qualifications.
  8. You no longer feel satisfied at the end of the day: If you feel that your hard work is no longer being recognized and you are not being acknowledged for the efforts you are putting in then it is time to leave the job.
  9. You increasingly feel unfulfilled at the workplace: If you feel that you are meant to do things better, bigger and more exciting things, then you need to apply for jobs offering such opportunities.
You are no longer satisfied with the salary: If salary day makes you feel that, you are being paid less for your efforts, then its time to put in your papers.
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