5 summer fruits which must include in your daily diet and why

5 summer fruits which we must include in your daily diet and why?
Along with rising temperatures, blazing heat, sweaty bodies and dehydration are indicative of the summer season. With the sun getting hotter with every passing day, it is essential that we pay due attention to our health. Beside the course of drinking water and other fluids in these months, it is important we pay attention to the intake of fruits and vegetables to prevent dehydration, skin problems, vitamin shortages and many others.
Fruits are one thing that are completely ignored as they are considered as mid-meal options whereas they should hold priority above all foods in summers. Listed here are some important summer fruits you must eat in this great Indian summer:

1.      Purple Jamun
Called by many names is a native of the Indian subcontinent. It oblong shape and its colour gives the appearance of a black grape and often mistaken as a black berries. It is good source of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. It is best eaten raw and the seeds are dried up and used as an herbal medicine for diabetes in India. Many jam, jellies, squash, juices, vinegar's, wine and pickles are made from it.

2.      Star Fruit
Mainly found in Asia and also known by the name of Carambola, is a type of citrus fruit. Having sweet and sour taste is packed with vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. Due to its low sugar content it makes a great low calorie snack. Is best enjoyed fresh or as shakes, smoothies and juice. It is a great fruit for hair growth, skin texture and acne control and treating sun burns.

3.      Mango
Available almost everywhere during the summers has its own distinct smell and flavor. It is a rich source of many vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, C, D, iron, potassium and calcium. The considerably high levels of pectin and fibers found in mangoes helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body and the other nutrients helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure. It boosts immunity and a perfect summer fruit to keep you going.

4.      Watermelon
Summers and watermelons cannot be parted. They are the trademarks of the season. Being more than 90% of its contents being water is also the best fruit to have as it keeps you hydrated in the hot weather and it’s also loaded with the goodness of Vitamins A, B, C, amino acids, dietary fibers, calcium, iron and many more. It high levels of lycopene makes it a great resource for bone and cardiovascular health.

5.      Litchi
A fruit that makes all of us wait for the summers. It’s also a storehouse of nutrients - potassium that helps in maintaining sodium levels further helping blood pressure levels, vitamins B and C having anti-oxidant properties and improves immunity and helps in the production of RBCs (red blood cells) and polyphenols.

By- Dietician Sheela Seharawat
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