Diet and lifestyle tips to keep skin healthy during summers

The blazing sun in the summers can cause havoc on your tender skin. The warm temperatures and scorching heat means that our skin are in constant danger of getting burned and sustaining long term damages. Coping up with the hot temperature is no only strenuous and irritating but also difficult.
Follow these simple skin care tips and keep skin irritation, inflammation and infections at bay during this summer season.

Diet and simple lifestyle tips to beat the summer heat

·    Restrict eating too much of dried fruits, instead go for fresher options.  Include lots of fruits and veggies in the daily diet and in the form of juices and salads without any added sugar. Replenish the fluid loss by drinking coconut water, lime juice and buttermilk.

·     Eat light, nutritious and non-fatty foods. Avoid all sorts of sugary foods like honey and sugars. Get your dose of sugar from the natural sweetness of fruits.

·      Avoid all sorts of spicy, hot and salty foods. The body is capable of retaining salt from natural sources of fruits and vegetables that we eat, additional unwanted salt going into the body has to be cleared out with drinking plenty of water.

·     No fried food like French fries, vadas, chips, bhajjias etc. It creates excessive heat inside the body. Avoid all forms of caffeinated or carbonated beverages, alcohol and the ones high in sugar. Drink plenty of water and always keep hydrated.

Foods that you must eat in the summers to keep your skin healthy. smooth and hydrated are:
-          Watermelon
-          Berries – raspberry / strawberry / blue berry
-          Pineapple
-          Citrus fruits – orange / grape fruit / lemon / lime
-          Cucumber
-          Tomatoes
-          Green leafy vegetables
-          Salmon fish

Skin care tips all summer

Never rub hard on your skin: exfoliating is essential to remove dead cells from the skin but ensure that you do not rub hard, as it can damage and irritate the layers of the skin. Exfoliate twice a week gently and tap dry softly.

Avoid to wear synthetic clothes: in order to avoid sweating do not wear synthetic clothes, instead choose light cotton clothes that allows air to pass through and helps keeping away from excessive sweating, rashes and itches on the skin.

Always moisturize the skin: it might seem uncanny to use moisturizers during summers, but a good moisturizer always promotes healthy skin. In case you get sunburn use lotions and moisturizers having aloe vera to minimize the effects. It smoothens the skin, soothes the discomfort and keeps the burned skin well hydrated.

Always wear sun screens, even on cloudy days: sunscreens protects the skins from the proficient and powerful effects of the sun rays. Whichever one you choose to apply on your skin ensure that you have one and especially after a swim. 


By - Dt. Sheela Seharawat
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