A Basic Guide into the world of Webmaster

Webmaster Tool or Search Console is an Advanced SEO Tool for Website Owners to Quickly Analyse and Restructure the Errors and Various Server Related Problems Recommended by Google Search Engine.

How to Add and Verify your Website in Webmaster Tool?

Just go to Google and Search for Search Console and go to search console first sign up with your Gmail and then add a property (website) you will get many options to verify.

For Blogger, you should copy the code and go to blogger and go to theme and the edit HTML just paste the code and save the arrangement and now your property is verified

For WordPress, you should download the HTML file and go to your control panel and put your user id and password and then log in and after login into control panel you need to go into file manager and then upload your file and save now your property is verified.

Features of the Webmaster Tools:

•    It helps to find out the organic clicks generated by the platform.
•    Finds out no of search impression generated by queries
•    Measure average CTR percentage
•    Helps to track your average organic position in your Search engine result page (SERP)
•    Provides the data of organic traffic by Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet
•    Calculates the traffic generated by each country
•    Helps to solve server error
•    It helps to check your sitemap
•    Gives a Crawlability report
•    It helps you to put schema or rich snippet to your website
•    It provides you robot.txt report
•    It helps in internal linking
•    Helps you to manual page indexing
•    Provides backlink and malware report

What is the Schema or Rich Snippet and how will you apply it to your Website?

Schema or Rich snippet is the structured data which gives additional information to your website and increase the CTR of your website for the user by a User interface and user experience (UI/UX). There are many types of Schema like Event Schema, Recipe Schema, Author Schema, Article Schema, Rating Schema etc. It depends upon your “Niche”what type of schema do you need.
To create schema you need to go to Webcode.Tools and then select microdata and generate code for schema according to your niche.
To Apply Schema in Blogger just go to blogger and go to layout then go to layout and put it the code in a footer or where you want now you can see schema on your website
For WordPress just go to dashboard and add the new plugin called schema or rich snippet and copy the code and go to plug in and paste their code and update and now schema is applied to your website. To know more about the Webmaster Field or anything related to Digital Marketing Field, Join Digital Marketing Institute in Saket and get trained by the Best Digital Marketers that our Country has to Offer.

What is 404 Error and How to solve it?

404 error is the error which is Page not found in which a page is uploaded and then Removed or Deleted. This problem is very common and it Decreases your Rank in Search Engine Result Page and gives Negative Impact to a User Interface and User Experience.
First of all find your page which are showing 404 error and then go to temporary hide option in webmaster and put the website URL their and after then if it is in your sitemap then delete it from there now block the URL, to not to index that page just go to Robot.txt file and block their and now your 404 error which is Page Not Found is Solved.

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