Amway Came Up With The Easiest Way To Keep Your Love ones Healthy With ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs’ Range

I was invited to attend Amway’s blogger meet held on May 5th, 2018 in Gurugram. Being a strong believer of good health begins from within, I was excited to attend the meet since I have always been in awe of Amway’s products and their business model.

There were bloggers present from various walks of fitness, health, lifestyle, etc. at the event as well. The main agenda of the meet was “new age Ayurveda and its advantages” as Amway was launching its new product line of traditional herbs. This new product line was dedicatedly developed looking at the need of nutrition of the Indian market. They aim at bringing together the old wisdom of Indian Ayurveda and nature with help from science for benefits of its consumers.

The new traditional herbs product line comprises of-

1.    Nutrilite Tulsi – Tulsi (Holy Basil) is described as the mother of natural medicine due to its power of curbing the development of viruses. Being antiviral in nature, there are no side effects of consuming tulsi and can be consumed by anyone. Regular consumption of tulsi aids in curing a cold, cough, digestion issues, respiratory disorders, kidney and bladder stones, etc. It is also beneficial in skincare and hair issues. Now we know why our moms made us have tulsi tea whenever we complained of any bodily dysfunctions.

2.    Nutrilite Brahmi – Like tulsi is for the body, brahmi is for the mind. Brahmi is known for its curing properties related to improving memory and as a general tonic. Besides these, brahmi promotes comfort caused by any chronic irritation or if there is any redness on the body. Brahmi has also shown to be helpful in reducing stress, boosting attention span, cognitive performance, etc.

3.    Nutrilite Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is known for its dual effects on the body. While it helps in calming the mind it also energizes the body at the same time. It acts like a natural revitalizer. Various other benefits of ashwagandha include improved sleeping patterns, stronger immune system, proper functioning of thyroids gland, stronger reproductive systems, etc.

4.    Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki - The mix of amalaki (also known as amla), vibhitaki and haritaki are an important part of the famous Indian Triphala mix as well. The mix is known for helping with digestion, for having laxative properties, increasing appetite, supporting colon health, comforting hyperacidity, detoxifying the body systems, etc.

What makes Amway’s Nutrilite products special and stand out from its competition is the unique way these products are cultivated. Amway owns organic farms around the world where all their herbs are grown in an organic garden avoiding any kind of synthetic supplements and pesticides. Amway has pionnered the study on how genes react with nutrients - Nutrigenomics and based on their research they manufacture their products. Along with this, Amway relies on science to keep a check on the quality of its products. They conduct over 15000 quality tests every month to have the best quality of products. This ensures that the consumers gets best of mother nature’s products not artifically or chemically treated herbs.

My overall experience with Amway was informative and enlightening. After understanding how dedicated Amway is in their manufacturing process, I firmly believe they are the best organic supplements provider. I look forward to such amazing meets happening sooner again with more new exciting products and information.

Amway Came Up With The Easiest Way To Keep Your Love ones Healthy With ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs’ Range Amway Came Up With The Easiest Way To Keep Your Love ones Healthy With ‘Nutrilite Traditional Herbs’ Range Reviewed by GlamourTreat on 03:20:00 Rating: 5
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