Title: The 5 Best Restaurant in Chinatown in Bangkok

Discover the 5 best restaurants in Chinatown in Bangkok, a culinary tour that will immerse you in the streets of the capital of Thailand. Are you coming to try?

Eating on the street is always fun and travelers love to enjoy the mix of street vibe with experiencing new tastes typical of local cuisine. The Chinatown of Bangkok, also known as " Yaowarat ", is famous for its food stalls located on the most impracticable sidewalks of the city, full of plastic stools always occupied by a Thai tasting an economic delicacy of Chinese influence with all the tranquility of the world, while behind him people queue to get a chair and enjoy these dinners served under the stars.

Excluding indoor air-conditioned restaurants with an English menu and photos, dining in Chinatown can be quite difficult. The street carts only show the menus written in Chinese and Thai, and what is served in them can seem really exotic. The value is in making an appetizing dinner while trying to guess that they are going to serve us after having ordered our plate, what in Europe can be a disaster, in Bangkok's Chinatown, it can be a true anecdote to tell about our trip. If you are brave enough and forget everything you thought you knew about food, Chinatown will surprise you.

- T & K Seafood
Serving delicious seafood, the T & K restaurant is one of the most popular on Yaowarat's main street. It is usually busy with ease every day, but if you go to it early with a bit of luck we will have the pleasure of trying the excellent seafood at very competitive prices. Like many other popular restaurants in the area, it does not have a luxury design and attractive decor, but a simple meal and rustic charm to eat in one of the busiest streets of the Thai capital.
In this place they are experts in cooking fresh seafood with the most sublime recipes from Asia. Fried, breaded, boiled, steamed or grilled all kinds of fish are served accompanied by different sauces that accentuate its flavor. Once we have dined there we will understand why there are people queuing on the sidewalk waiting for their turn to take a table.
Location: Yaowarat Road and Thanon Phadung intersection

- Rut & Lek Seafood
Nothing distinguishes the Lek-Rut seafood restaurant from its neighbors the street stalls, except that it is now famous and of course popular with the Thais in the neighborhood. It is always full but people wait patiently for a seat, standing whenever possible on the saturated sidewalk. Do not expect tablecloth, cutlery and air conditioning. Located on the narrow sidewalk of the lively Yaowarat Street, it is a mystery how cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians manage to overcome without hitting one of their tables. Dinner at Lek-Rut is the perfect way to experience Bangkok's open-minded lifestyle and cuisine. To eat there you have to forget everything you know about gastronomy and just follow the flow, which is a fun and fascinating experience.

Location: Yaowarat Road and Thanon Phadung Dao intersection

- Krua Porn Lamai
Krua Porn Lamai is a typical street food stall for those who enjoy eating like local people. The kitchen is adjacent to the street, while the tables on the other, sequenced against a sooty wall, so the waiters  frequently cross the busy street with hot plates in hand. Despite its unappetizing appearance and Krua Porn Lamai is always full, like most restaurants in Chinatown. Obviously there is no English or illustrated menu, all they have is a short list of dishes written in Thai, but we can order their famous 'Hoi Tod', which are mussels with soy and tortilla on top of a hot iron plate. Another of its famous delicacies is the 'Radna', a mixture of prawns, squid, chicken and vegetables also in a burning iron dish with a sauce that tempers the temperature of the dish. Another specialty is the Kyua Taew Kua Krob, a mix the crispy fried noodles.

Location: Soi Plang Nam, a street on the right hand side of Thanon Yaowarat

- Kuay Jab Nai Huan
Kuay Jab Nai Huan is one of the most bizarre for its peculiar food. This small stand only serves a dish called Kuay Jab, which is made of large rice noodles rolled with crunchy bacon, sometimes with intestines and mostly served in a very, very spicy broth, with prices starting at 40 baht. No doubt this delicacy of Chinese influence is delicious and worth a try if you visit this area of ​​the city, since elsewhere in Bangkok is not easy to find.
Location: Yaowarat Road intersection and Yaowa Phanit streets

- Odéon Crab
Unlike the other places, Odéon is a very clean and very discreet restaurant located behind Wat Traimit. Here it is served some soups of noodles prepared differently and as a star ingredient the delicious crab. This dish is desired by all Thai people of Chinese influence who consider it a recipe for kings. Its price is not exactly economical compared to neighboring restaurants, but this succulent food is the protagonist in celebrations or important dinners of families of Chinese descent.

The price per person usually goes from 200 to 500 baths depending on the amount of crab that is desired, you can order with little, normal or much crab in the soup and they will charge the appropriate amount for the amount of crustacean that we eat. The soup that accompanies the crab can be of different types and we can also indicate the degree of spiciness that we want, but this one unlike the crab without it having an impact on our bill.

Location: Charoen Krung Road, right next to Wat Traimit and the great Chinatown Red Door

The Chinatown of Bangkok is the perfect place to enter the street kitchen and discover that the most delicious are not found in the pretty restaurants with linen tablecloth, but in the most humble places where they have been practicing and perfecting these recipes for many years. The Chinese influence makes the most unusual cuisine in Thailand and that many of their dishes are not available elsewhere. You can easily get to Bangkok as there are a lot of travel agents that provides cheapest flights to Bangkok from any origin. If you have already visited any of these restaurants, leave us a comment with your opinion.
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