5 Reasons To Watch Venom In Theater

Marvel comic movies are spreading day by day and launching superhero hit movies every time. One of the comic book-inspired movie name venom is ready to show its action in cinemas on 5 October 2018. After the release of its trailer 2, fans have started debating about the movie also expecting the story plot, the overall movie will be based on the transformation of an ordinary man to venom a giant, twisted, horrific version of Spider-Man. Venom is already discussion since past few weeks and all the Marvel fans are waiting for its release.
Those who are still confused that whether they need to watch this movie or not and wanted to know their answer. Then nothing is to worry about because here in this article we will provide you with 5 reasons to watch venom in theater:

Appearance Of Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy is an excellent hero, who is always seen doing super hit movies. So we can expect that this movie will definitely give you something exceptional. Tom has performed other comic movies as well so he knows how to portray in comic roles. Tom is a highly paid American actor known for his fascinating acting is back with an amazing antihero movie so, don’t forget to watch his entrance.

Superhero Horror Film
Venom’s physical appearance is no less than a horrifying creature that looks different from other human beings. His big teeth and long tongue represents that the movie will feature some horror type graphics and a unique story. This movie is not a horror movie it is a superhero movie whose character actually looks unique.  

The Eddie Brock and Venom Relationship
Eddie seems to talk to a voice in his own head. The film has portrayed the idea of facing your inner demons or fighting from your inner anti-hero. The relation between Eddie and Venom is what you will surely see in the movie. As this overall movie is about the transformation of Eddie becoming venom we will see many unusual things happens in the surrounding of Eddie.

It's Use Of Source-Material
The character of venom is taken from the comic book story named Venom: Lethal Protector. This is the source used for the making of this movie. If you look at the appearance of venom then you will see that he looks exactly as it is shown in the comic book. It proves that until now the directors are only using Lethal Protector in the making of a storyline but the truth will come to know after the release of this movie.

Links to Marvel Cinematic Universe
Venom is the hottest topic of discussion nowadays. Peoples are predicting that Marvel Cinematic Universe will definitely use the character of venom for other movies in MCU as well. Venom is a Sony's film but it can take place inside Marvel Cinematic Universe.
So, here are the Top 5 Reasons To Watch Venom In Theater you will definitely enjoy the movie as it is initial release is on 4th October 2018. Book your tickets now enjoy this latest superhero film with your friends and family. You can also try this superb Venom jacket and Black Leather Jacket to represent love for your favorite character venom.
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