7 Tops that will never Fail your Dungarees

Overalls originated as military uniforms and were soon popular among industry workers. Its numerous pockets and comfortable fit, made it a go-to outfit for construction workers, handymen, and farmers. However, at that time, we couldn’t really fancy the look, because of the way it was styled.

But, the 90s staple made its comeback in the Spring 2018 and Resort 2019 collection, and now they are everywhere. Designers from all around the world added their best style to these wardrobes essential and the results were breathtaking.

The French showcased their jumpsuit with wide strapped and geometric structure. Hermes and Zimmermann explored the hues of white and North Americans came up with Polka dot blouse with a vibe of 70’s.

From Alexa Chung to Pixie Lott, we even saw it on the street style. So it’s time to take your dungaree out of the closet. But, you have to choose right and be a little more confident to wear women denim overalls. The foremost step while pairing an overall is choosing the appropriate top-wear.

Running weekend errands or joining a Sunday brunch, just choose the right top-wear and you are good to go. Here, we have a list of tops that will never fail your ultimate dungaree look:
1. Blue Denim Dungaree + Stripe T-shirts

In her 20s or 30s, the striped t-shirt is a staple of a women’s closet. And, just like it never failed your jeans, it won’t fail your Dungarees. Get yourself a basic blue dungaree and pair it with a striped blue-white t-shirt. Add on your favorite sneakers and you are good to go for a casual outing.

Wrapping a chambray shirt around the waist is also a good idea. For those who are still looking for a striped t-shirt, this stripe tunic top can be a stylish pick. White and black, this is available in both the variant.

2. Dark Denim Dungaree + Sheer Top
Add a quirky vibe to utilitarian black overall with a sheer top. Sheer tops always have a thing for being sexy and bold. If you are planning an evening in a club playing some jazz, this is the look you want.

The choice of women denim overall may vary, it can be both blue and black, but make sure the shade of the top and dungaree is not the same.

If you don’t want to look too dressed up for evening parties, this could be an ultimate choice. For bolder looks, accessories with metallic jewelries and pumps.

3. Faded Dungarees + Lacy Top

If you don’t have a black lace top in your wardrobe, you are missing something big. Get a lace top with a complementing shade of dungarees. Instead for bolder ones, we would rather suggest sticking to a lighter shade of overall and a darker top.

Sneakers or pumps both will do justice to this attire, just decide according to the venue. You can also go for Victorian-inspired lace top as it softens the look, making it a chic evening ensemble.

The black lace top here can be your next purchase, its colorful buttons on the hand is gives a boho touch. Pair it with faded dungaree or wear it solo, the looks will definitely come with an oomph quotient.

4. Short Denim + Basic White Top

Take out that old white top from the back of your wardrobe and wear it with a short blue denim. If it’s a crop top, wear it solo for sexy, skin-baring look. You can complement the attire with golden metallic accessories too.

Short dungarees are even considered fun with one strap, you can always leave the other one undone. Eva Trends have a very good collection of white t-shirts, tunic tops, and dresses. Pair any of them with a blue colored short dungaree and be ready for the next date with your favorite gals.

5. White Dungaree Overall + Printed Top

A printed top with white dungaree is a forever classic for summers. For the off-duty model look, get a nice pair of chucks or summery wedges. Choose some lightweight fabric as they always work well in the summers.

Go for a dungaree without buckles or pockets as it might seem a little juvenile with all those buckles. Don’t hesitate in exploring the upper-wear option, it can be a tee, a shirt, or a crop top. Here is a tunic top that you can go for, its chic plus versatile.

6. Boyfriend Overall + Shell Top

Some prefer bottoms that don’t really hug the body, leaving your mobility unaffected. We are talking about boyfriend dungaree here and what goes the best with it? For a boyfriend, dungaree looks no further than a shell top.

For loose-fitted boyfriend dungarees, you need something that brings focus on your upper body. Always pick a dark colored shell top, pair it with faded dungarees and a great pump. If done the right way, you can carry it for both day and night.

7. Blue Denim Dungaree + Turtle Neck Top

Denim dungaree along with a black turtleneck sleeveless top is everything that you need for a cool day wear. Pair it with a sexy pair of boots and you are good to go. It will enhance your ladylike style for every casual outing.

Gold sneakers, gold medallion bag, statement rings, and a pendant necklace can be enhance the outfit as an alternative night wear. Plus, you are always at the liberty of choosing the color of your top and women denim overall.


While these are all perfect fitted tops, you can also try loose fitted shirts. Let it hang up a little, with high heels and some statement necklaces and it can be your ultimate airport look. Don’t forget to pick the right size as if the size goes wrong, no matter what top you chose, things go wrong.
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