10 simple tips for vehicle maintenance

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With our ten tips to take care of your vehicle, you will save money while protecting the environment.

A car needs a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Automobile enthusiasts pay close attention to their car; other drivers sometimes neglect this interview. However, if you do well, it takes little effort, little money, and it is not necessarily necessary to go through a garage.

Discover our tips for a simple and effective maintenance of your vehicle!

1. Simple products for ecological cleaning
Cleaning and vacuuming are the most important steps for the maintenance of the interior. There are many cleaners on the market specifically developed for the maintenance of the vehicle. But many contain chemicals and are quite expensive. Bad news for the environment ... and for the wallet! In addition, some seats do not support strong cleaners. Prefer a mild shampoo with a little water. Clean stains carefully and without pressing too hard.

Use coffee beans to fight odors
To neutralize bad odors inside your car, no need to spend money. Just put a bowl of coffee beans inside your car during the night. Coffee absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors. It can also work with rice or flour.

3. Cleaning the ventilation and air conditioning system
Cleaning the ventilation flaps is not always easy because the slots are very narrow. Removing dust with a simple cloth is almost impossible. The easiest way is to use a foam brush. In general, part of the air vent is removable, making cleaning easier.

4. Make old leather like new!
Opinions differ on the product to be used for the maintenance of leather seats. It is no coincidence that leather cleaning is one of the most demanding areas in vehicle maintenance.

If you want your seats to stay clean for a long time, you need to do this at least twice a year. While many swear by home-made products like dishwashing liquid or castor oil, retailers offer a wide range of specialty products for all types of leather. Be sure to brush the leather before applying the product you have chosen. Add a little liquid, use a cotton cloth, and then carefully wipe the leather after cleaning.

5. Take care of the wipers
Wipers can quickly deteriorate, especially when weather conditions are poor. What to do to maintain them best? Make sure to clean your windshield regularly, so as not to use the squeegees. If, despite everything, your windshield wipers start to tire, you do not have to buy new wipers. You can also buy graphite powder, and apply it with a wipe on the rubber of the wipers.

6. Clean your windshield
Some deposits on the windshield are more stubborn than others, and windshield wipers are not always enough. You can use the window cleaner products on the market. Be careful, however: some chemicals, used too often, can cause the opposite effect and damage the windshield. You can also opt for household products, such as washing up liquid and vinegar.

7. Clean your headlights with toothpaste
Cleaning your headlights is one of the most delicate steps in the maintenance of your vehicle. Sometimes, conventional cleaners are not enough to make them regain their luster. As surprising as it may seem, toothpaste is an effective method. It contains abrasive products that make it possible to eliminate superficial scratches. Apply it by hand, and then use a rag to scrub, or a toothbrush. Car Headlight restoration is the best option.

A toothbrush is also useful for cleaning the least accessible areas of your car, inside and out. For example, the rims or hubcaps of your tires.

8. Cracked windshield: the first reflexes
If the windshield has too much impact, you have no choice but to go to the nearest garage. But keep in mind some good reflexes to minimize the damage. There are specific resins to apply on impact, to prevent the crack from spreading. For superficial impacts, it is also possible, with a special kit, to do the repair yourself. Be careful, however: if the impact is in the driver's field of vision, it is better to go see a specialist.

9. Clean the bodywork, at a lower cost!
A simple cleaning at home can be just as effective. With a little cleaner, you can quickly restore a little pace to your body. You can use simple soap if you are afraid of damaging the paint.

10. Maintain the doors
To prevent your doors from creaking, they must be lubricated from time to time. Start by wiping the grease with a cloth, then rub with a cleaner. For the lubricant to work, open and close your doors several times. Your doors will be less noisy, and keep their tightness.
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