6 Cool Games to Try in a House Party


House parties are surely fun especially if you have the best-tasting liquor in the Philippines. What’s better than just drinking the night away until you pass out? Playing games with your friends, of course! If you do not want to lead another beer pong tournament for your party, then check out these game ideas for inspiration!
Flip Cup
Take a different twist to the traditional beer pong by playing flip cup. This game is most commonly known as Flip Cup but it is also called Flippy Cup, Tippy Cup, or Taps. This games begin with two teams standing on opposite sides of a table. You can opt to have equal number of players on each team or not. The player starts the game by drinking his or her drink then placing their empty cup at the edge of the table, face up. With a quick motion, he or she must attempt to flip the cup over so that it can land face-down on the table. The goal is to successfully flip the cup and pass on the turn to the next player on his team until the whole team has successfully flipped all their cups over. 

React and Act
This is a great game to break the ice because you can work with any group size. It can even work for small groups of five people just makes sure that you have all the materials required including paper, pens, and a bag. Prepare the game by passing out sheets of paper and pens to the players. Instruct the players to write down an event and encourage them to be as creative as possible. Five people from each team must randomly select a paper and they must react to the event without giving away that the event is. There must be a time limit and whyn you say, “Go!”, the players must simultaneously react to the event using exaggerated facial expressions, gestures, and their voice. Allow them to be as theatrical as possible and enjoy!

Laughing Game
This is a test of everyone’s resolve because they should maintain a straight face while playing a funny game. Instruct the players to be seated around a table or in a circle. The players will take turns to say, “Ha”, “Ho”, or “Hee”. The person who starts laughing will take a shot. The objective of the game is to keep the turns going until everyone is out. The person who keeps the longest time in keeping a straight face wins.

Edward 40 Hands
This game is also called 80 ounces to freedom or the 40 challenge and involves beer. A lot of it. Players need to duct tape a 40-ounce beer to each of their hands and they may not take the tape off until their beer bottles are empty. There should be no excuse. This may seem like a threatening game but it will be fun once the challenges of it all kicks in. There are penalties involved for players who will take it off without finishing their drink or if they poured the beer all over themselvess. A twist to the 1990 Johnny Depp classic, Edward Scissorhands, your house party guests will surely have a good time playing this game.

This game was popularized as a drinking game and is simple yet challenging and fun to do. This game can be done with as many players as you want and can be done by simply grouping in a circle. Decide two numbers that should be skipped (ex. 4 and 6). Everyone should start counting from number 1 and every time a number that has a 4 and 6 in it (ex. 24 and 36), the person saying that number should say “Buzz!!!” instead.

Key Takeaway
Using liquor in the Philippines as the prime ingredient in making these games a success, these games will definitely promise a good time for your guests. Just always remember to drink responsibly but have fun uncontrollably. Cheers!
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