Best Tips to stream on CouchTuner safely

Looking for some free online service to watch awesome movies and TV shows? Choices are endless, but the most favored one is CouchTuner. The website mainly focuses on hosting every TV show that is ever made. The site undergoes lots of subdomain changes. Truth to be told, the site holds pirated content, which means the developers don’t hold the license for hosting the content. This is the reason that you may have heard about subdomain changes  of CouchTuner, .com, .ag and .fr are some of the subdomains that were used in the past.
Now with frequent changes in the subdomain, sometimes it is very difficult for the viewers to find the website online. To effortlessly stream your favorite TV shows and movies online, follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. You will get to know, how to enjoy the pirated streaming website safely and without causing any havoc for your devices.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a streaming website, similar to Netflix. Here you can find a vast selection of good movies and shows. You can enjoy the huge video library by accessing the videos on your mobile, computer or TV. The website offers free of cost TV streaming and people across the globe are enjoying the free services since 2010.
The free streaming platform has become a popular place because it is very easy to surf. Further, the search engine of this website is very efficient which makes it easy to find the favorite shows quickly on this site. Moreover, you don’t need to register with any account to access this free online service. Just visit the website, click on your favorite show and you are good to go.

Is it legal to use CouchTuner?

CouchTuner website breaks the copyright law because this site does not hold any license for the media hosted on this website. In such sense, it is definitely illegal and piracy. To access such websites, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of your internet service provider.

Tips to stream CouchTuner Safely

The most important thing to remember for safe streaming is that CouchTuner is a free website. Any links that redirect you to create an account or register are usually click baits. Stay aware of them.
Never trust the media player download request. They may be injected with malware and unexpectedly you will be downloading a digital threat while accessing the otherwise safe website.
Sometimes, the website address gets blocked for avoiding the legal repercussions. That doesn’t stop the users from accessing their favorite website. The extraordinary source of great shows and movies often offers a 301 redirect which can take you to the new address.
Another trick is to use a different VPN. Most probably, to avoid the piracy issues, the domains get blocked within your ISP region. To access the website seamlessly, you can change the VPN and chances are high that the site would be running.

How secure is CouchTuner?

The website is totally free to visit because the developers don’t buy the copyright license. Still they are making money by directing the traffic to advertisement links and third party websites. Therefore, viewers often have a doubt of digital security while using this website.
Get your doubt clear about the safety and vulnerability while using CouchTuner. First of all, the developers have their own set of rules for validity. They keep the viewers safety in mind. But it is the equal duty of the users to not download any malware that seems fishy.
In simple words, watching the videos from CouchTuner is safe. The website is totally free and reliable but the ads may be injected with viruses and malware so be alert.


There are lots of country specific domains of this website. You need to have a vigil eye to find out the correct site address. The challenging part of using CouchTuner is that the seasons and episodes of TV shows are not organized. You may find it time consuming to find all the seasons or episodes in one go. This website might be disorganized, but all episodes and seasons of your favorite show are there. Have faith and just search for it. You won’t be disappointed by using a free of cost streaming website.
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