Five Ways to Avoid Becoming a Video Game Widow

As your resident geek, I occasionally get questions about how a reader's guy has gotten so wrapped up in World of Warcraft/Call of Duty/Skyrim/insert-time-sucking-game-here that they are neglecting their wife or girlfriend. Some readers feel like they have to compete with video games for their guy's attention, and are coming in second to fragging noobs on Xbox Live or going on raids with a band of orcs. These sad, wayward souls are known as the video game widows. 

Well, I've got news for all you significant others of a gamer -- it's about to get worse. While your guy (or gal) may finally be done with Destiny 2 or STAR WARS™ Battlefront, his (or her) life is about to be put on hold for a little game called THE CYCLE.It comes out later in 2018, and will be eating away your gamer's time faster than Pac-Man gobbling up power pellets. To prepare you for this (mass)ive distraction, I talked to Alex Wise from is an expert in relationships and shared some tips on how you can avoid being a "video game widow." (Note: This advice also applies to guys who date gamer girls.)

Give them some time

When a really awesome game comes out, the urge to quit our jobs, turn off our phone and devote every waking minute to playing is overwhelming. Of course, the sane among us still try to keep some semblance of normal life. But if we appear distracted, it's because we're thinking about whether we're going to join the thieves guild or the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim later on. Video games these days tend to be vast, epic worlds offering tons to do and explore. It isn't like the old days of Super Mario Bros. and Zelda, where you played through a game and then moved on. Games today are designed to keep you playing for a long, long time. Particularly in the early stages, you're going to want to give your gamer some alone time to really get into the game and experience it. Once they settle into the groove of playing, chances are they'll be able to take breaks to spend time with you. But early on, they're just going to be thinking about beating the next mission while at dinner with your parents.

Hate the game, not the player

Remember, your gamer still loves you -- they've just been sucked into an amazingly realistic world of fun. He or she is not the one who designed, say, the vast world of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto or made the way that Batman just completely wrecks bad guys in 
Batman: Arkham Knightlook so darn cool. Yes, your significant other is the one playing the game, but they can't help it that their hobby happens to involve a lot of time spent staring at (and sometimes yelling at) a screen. He doesn't blame you for getting sucked into Teen Mom or Smash. He knows they are guilty pleasures that eventually just turned into pleasures. Remember, they aren't ignoring you. They're just really, really wrapped up in an addictive game. 

Consider their gaming schedule when making plans

Remember that gaming is a part of their life just like book club or marathon running is a part of yours. When making plans together, remember your gamer needs time to devote to boss battles and side quests. So allot for some gaming time in your schedule. They'll appreciate that you're taking their pastimes and interests into consideration. Also, set aside a day reserved just for the two of you with no games and a day where he can play for hours on end with zero distractions. 

Play with him (or her)  

This move never fails. As I've said here before, the couple who games together stays together. Whatever your level of interest in gaming, there is bound to be a game you'll have a blast with. From Angry Birds to Dead Island, there is something for everybody's taste. Play with him or against him (if it's a one-player game, you can always trade off) or, if games aren't really your thing, try watching him play. You may find yourself engrossed in the story and world and want to grab a controller and join in. 
When in doubt, try nudity

If all else fails, don't be afraid to lounge around by the TV or computer in various states of undress. Video game graphics are getting more and more realistic, but there's still no replacement for the real thing. He'll be hitting that pause button faster than Sonic racing through a coin maze.
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