How to Choose a Foot Doctor?

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Our feet tend to take a lot of abuse on a daily basis, especially if you tend to stand or walk a lot during the day. Furthermore, improper footwear like wearing high heels all day or poorly fitted shoes can also cause discomfort and at times even more severe conditions. In addition, our feet are also vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections and may develop pain due to any other systematic illness.

Are you too suffering from a bad case of foot trouble like corn, bunion, ingrown nail or perhaps athlete’s foot? Well, its time to visit a podiatrist or a foot doctor.

If you are daunted by the though of seeing a doctor, this post will make the task of choosing the right foot doctor a breeze. Read on!

Explore their Qualifications and Experience
Experience brings accuracy, and accuracy is vital for the doctors. In addition to experience, you should also look at the educational qualifications of the doctor you plan on visiting. Evaluating the foot doctors on the basis of education and experience will ensure that you are in the right hands and your problems will be take care of. Education will ensure the doctor has the required knowledge about your problem while experience will warranty patience that will allow him to share the problem, its cause and the processes involved in the treatment.

In addition to knowledge and experience, you may also want to cross-check if the doctor you are planning to see is board certified or not.  Board certified doctors have top knowledge in their field, which will naturally make you feel more secure. Usually, the board certified doctors clearly mention medical background, achievements, certifications on their website or a framed sign at the office to let you know that they fulfil all the standards.

Sit behind the wheel, hit the road, drive a few miles, and there you are; at the clinic. Sounds convenient, right? But what if on reaching the clinic you are told that the doctor doesn’t accept your health insurance? Situations like these, especially when you are already suffering from pain, can be terribly inconvenient. Therefore, when factoring in convenience make sure you consider parameters like clinic timings, taking an appointment and insurance acceptance as well.

Your Medical Condition
Sometimes the foot problems are a result of certain other medical conditions like diabetes. If in case, you are suffering from a medical condition that is causing foot pain, it’s important to share it with your consulting doctor. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you consult a podiatrist only for consulting about your foot related complications.

Purchasing modern and expensive machines is one thing, and working with them is other. Although not every patient needs treatment through those machines, but on-site capabilities can be a huge plus. If the clinic is equipped with all the necessary machines and tech required to treat a problem, it means that the patient won’t have to look elsewhere for certain services. Therefore, on-site capabilities makes another important factor in determining the best podiatrist for you.

Check the Reviews
This potent tool called the internet has made it possible for bazillions to understand a lot of things. All it takes is a bunch of taps on the screen and you can find out whatever you need. To see the reviews, the first option is to go directly to the doctor’s official site. You can read the reviews on multiple websites and discussion forums as well. But, it is apparently not the best thing to do. It’s human psychology to bash than thank. Those who do not have a good experience at a clinic are more likely to give it the bad rating and reviews on the internet. While those who feel satisfied may actually not write anything. That’s where the reviews fail to guide the users into selecting the right one.

Understand their Response
One has to see the doctor in times of pain, and no one loves to wait for hours in the lounge while other patients shuffle in and out. It happens when the clinic staff gives the appointments without any estimates of how long will it take for every patient to come out. You can also evaluate them by calling them on the phone. Yes, that’s right. If there’s no person to take your call on the other end, and all you can hear is a computer repeating the stuff, step back. The clinic may not be the right choice. Also, if you don’t feel like having a call, you can message or email them for an appointment. If they take forever to get back, they may have no time for you in that case.

Never miss the Pricing Model
How can one not think of the money? Well, it is highly unlikely in most of the cases. Initial consultation charges may run in the range of $50 to $300, depending on the clinic you are visiting. Add in the costs for follow-up visits and you will be seeing a hefty medical bill. Therefore, as we suggested earlier before making an appointment with a podiatrist do confirm if your insurance covers the expenses. In most cases, if the foot problem is medical in nature, your insurance will bear the expenses of initial consultation.

Look at their Behaviour
When you are in front of a doctor, there’s no need to worry about their behaviour. Instead, just speak up about all those symptoms that make you feel uncomfortable all day long. While many people feel uncomfortable while doing so, you should not, even if you are of a kind. It is crucial to tell them everything. But, the one who is keen to listen to your problems is the one you should prefer the next time. A sensible doctor never lets his patients feel guilty of their problems. He instead knows how to make them feel better about it.

Lastly, the foot is a sensitive part of our body, which enables us to move freely. Therefore, matters concerning the feet should not be taken lightly. Make sure you choose a qualified foot doctor who you are comfortable. If you are not sure which podiatrist to consult, speak with your health practitioner to get references. 
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