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Road trips are definitely fun, but boarding a train is one of the finest ways to see the world. Here are 10 reasons to consider trains:

Airplane seats can be squishy, cars are cramped, and buses are too bumpy. Hence, the most substantialadvantage of train travel is the space enabling to stretch in comfort.


Train offers the chance to have food on traindining in your seat but in style. Most of our train journeys include the chance to purchase food and drinks. In India, for example, you can buy a cup of chai, samosas, and wafersfrom vendors who board the train during the stops.


Waiting in line is anessentialpart of travel, but train travel reduces much of this inconvenience. There are less security check and shorter baggage claim processes. There is a shorter distance between your feet on the station floor.
Rail travel offers a wonderful view to some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking scenery, up close and personal. And since many train tracks go across paths where other modes of transportation simply don’t travel, you’ll be getting a serene view to parts of the world that are mostly exclusive to you and your family or fellow members.


In the meantime many trains offer the elasticity to stretch out, walk around, and getup.They arefar better for small, easily bored passengers who may have difficulty sitting in one place for a long timeduring long journeys. All these flexibility works well for grown-up passengers too, of course.


Many airports are situated at great distances from center of many cities, which means that, once your plane journey is completed, you have still got a little more to travel before you reach your destination. Train stations, on the other hand are usually centrally located; getting from your seat to the city is only a matter of few time.

Peace and quiet

Long, reflective train journeys offer ample amount of time for thoughts, specially, when travelling by train. There are mostlylesser announcements and security checks. Combining this withexcess of space, and you get plenty of distraction free travel time.


Flying from one place to another can be expensive and fast by air. Travelling by the train might take more time but it’s more than worth it, and it’ll save you big bucks in the process.


If the speed, convenience, price, and comfort of train travel still don’timpress you, possibly the charm will. There’s something very appealing, old-school, and, frankly, romantic about riding the trains, no matter where you’re travelling to.
Train travel is easily the most undervalued form of long distance travel out there.
Air travel surely has its ups and downs, and long car travel can easily go crooked. But train travel? Under any circumstances, it is stress-free.
Of course, trains can't take you everywhere, they can't cross the oceans, and many remote places don't even have access to them. But for traveling from city to city within a continent, they're simply great.
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