5 Types of Business Travelers

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Business travel is different from leisurely travel and every traveler approach business travel differently too. Some might be nervous while others might be enthralled. Some might plan everything weeks in advance while others might book flight at the eleventh hour and book hotel rooms after entering the hotel. 

In this article, we will cover five different types of business travelers to help you decide which type do you belong to.

Types of Business Travelers

These are five common types of business travelers you will come across on corporate trips.
  1. Nervous
  2. Planning Freak
  3. Always Ready To Go
  4. Geek
  5. Road Warrior
Let us look at each type in detail so that you know different characteristics of each type of business traveler.
  1. Nervous
You start thinking about the business trip a night before flying and that thought don’t let you sleep whole night. If you have never taken a business trip before or your first business trip did not go according to the plan, nerves will creep in and it shows. Identifying nervous travelers is easy as the signs of their nervousness are evident from their face and other body parts.

They always seems confused whether they should take their beloved journal or not or whether they should carry grooming items with them or leave them at home. Such travelers prefer flights with long delays as it gives them some time to relax. They are disorganized and can get anxious when things don’t go there way.
  1. Planning Freak
On the side of the spectrum is planning freak. They will plan everything weeks and advance and have everything ready days before flying. Everything from flights to hotel rooms will be pre-booked, meetings scheduled and presentations ready to be delivered. They are clear about activities they have to perform on business trip. In fact, they have filled up their events calendar and allocated time slots to tasks each day. Due to this, they have little to no stress and manage to enjoy their business trip to the fullest.
  1. Always Ready To Go
Then there are employees who never say no to travel. Whether you tell them that they will accompany you on your next business trip, which begins in two days’ time or you tell them that they have to be ready to fly within next few hours as you have to fly to attend a urgent business meeting, they will always say yes. They are always ready to go so much so that they have everything ready.

They are the best people to have in your team especially if you have to travel on urgent basis from time to time. Most probably, they will become your best travel companion too as your bond with them becomes stronger with each business trip you take with them.
  1. Geek
There is always one who knows technology better than everyone else. They are passionate about technology more than anything else. They are the coding wiz at your company but are always ready to wear a different hat and become a knight in the shining armor when they solve your tech related problems with ease.

They are usually millennials who always have smart devices in their hands. They are active on social media and stay connected with friends and family members even while staying thousands of miles away from them. Tech enthusiasts always stay abreast with the latest tech trends.

They will respond to emails, work on projects and complete tasks even while traveling. By harnessing the power of technology even on the move, they are able to increase their productivity.
  1. Road Warrior
Business travelers who travel frequently but spend more time outdoors than in their hotel rooms. These type of travelers falls between the planning freak and always ready to go. They know their way around the city and can reach to a via shortest possible path. You will see them capturing the scenery enjoying their dhow cruise marina trip. They love nature and appreciate nature and love to live in the moment.

Exploring the best travel destinations in the city is their favorite pastime whenever they are free. You will find them in museums, art galleries, historic buildings, enjoying a desert safari Dubai tour to name just a few. They will come back late at night to the hotel room so if you are sharing the hotel room with them you will have to wake up late at night.

Which type of business traveler are you? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.
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