Beautiful Bridal entry ideas

That will drop the groom’s jaw

In a wedding, the most important and awaited moment is entry of bride. Everyone from your guests to your to-be-husband will be eager to see you in your beautiful lehenga, your beauty will be at peak. So for special person the entry should be more special. Here we suggest few Bridal Entries for your special day, so have a look, imagine yourself there and choose the best.


The Royal Entry
Paalki is the most beautiful and royal entry one girl can imagine. Rational side of this entry is that since you will be carried on the shoulders you will be at certain height and that way everyone will be able to behold you closely. Also, you can give your groom hell of look which he will never be able to forget.

Entry with your Girl Gang
Your BFFS and your sisters are the closest of all, you have been sharing each and everything with them, so continue the tradition and share the walk with them for your bridal entry. Also Umbrellas are another trend while entering, just saying!

Swag wali Entry:
Swag matters! So why pretend being shy and take the simple entry. Think of crazy out of the box ideas, like enter on a bike, auto, or truck wearing big glasses. Be confident and rock the entry!

Father’s Princess:
The daughter will always be a little girl to his father, have an emotional, beautiful entry with your dad. Share this special moment with him, thank him during this walk for everything that he has done for you, and make him laugh. Nothing could be better.

The Dancing Bride:
Quite excited and happy about your wedding? So don’t control those damned emotions, let freaking them flow. Show them your best moves. Be chill! Be awesome!

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Phoolon ki Chaadar:
Our ancestors believed that bride should enter the mandap with her head under something and what could be more beautiful than bunch of flowers, they will compliment your dress and theme. It will only make the walk more picturesque.

The Sparking Entry:
Fireworks is another name for Indian celebration. Make your entrance bright and beautiful with these fireworks. But be careful while placing them, they should not harm you or anything. Enjoy the majestic effect they will create and leave the groom in splits.

Kalire ki Chaadar:
After Phoolon ki Chaadar, we would suggest Kalire Ki Chaadar, this chaadar will complement the Kalira you will be wearing and will create a complete traditional yet modern look.

The Color Bombs:
Entering the wedding venue is like entering your new life. So add beautiful colors to this beginning. Such entrance will give funky vibes to the wedding. Use color bombs but be careful that they don’t affect anyone’s dress.
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