Evolution of fashion in India over decades

evolution of fashion

The scenario behind Indian fashion is comprised of elegance, colorfulness, and cultural heritage. Each piece of fashion forward item brings out the beauty and subtlety of the creative crafters that has sustained itself for decades. Fashion in India has evolved with time into a sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful, and comfortable scenario that ranges from ethnic fashion to western trends.

Here is the story of fashion evolution in India over its history.

1-British Raj:
When India was under the rule of British Raj, the locals were encouraged to opt for the clothing items that came from industries owned by the British. Following this, the locals started developing Khadi which is a material woven with hands in order to bring down the dependency of the local people upon British goods.

Also termed as the well-acclaimed “Roaring Twenties”, this fashion forward era was when the women started discarding restricted choices in terms of fashion while switching over to the comfortable options such as trousers and skirts. The women also opted from sarees, dresses, and mid-sleeve blouses that looked quite elegant.

This was an era when flamboyant and daring attitude became quite popular with popular criminal icons like Bonnie and Clyde. Their look inspired people all over which include the residents of US and India as well. The hemlines now descended as mid-calves with long collars. Apart from this, the fashion scenario included 2-piece suits, as well as pinched waists that dominated the overall fashion industry back then.

4-Between 1980s and 1990s:
This era comprised of the time when fashion schools were starting to develop at a rapid rate in India. Also, women started entering the workforce with rising numbers. This is when the disco era was brought to notice and thus came in the glittery and shimmery fashion trends. The fashion in this era consisted of denim, chiffon sarees, and leather based biker jackets.

5-21st Century:
Today as we watch the fashion industry grow and unfold its mysteries, it is rather easy to get hold of the latest trend with online shopping options. The popular choices in terms of fashion that we observe now comprise of back-button blouses, halter-neck, puffed sleeves, high-neck blouses, and many more. Brands like Louis Philipe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Raymonds have dominated the fashion industry.

The current stats for fashion industry have reached the growth mark of 100 billion dollars with online shopping slowly dominating the market. With the bond established between internet and the fashion industry, there is no stopping when it comes to generating fashionable trends within short time spans.
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