Gold Jewelries: What’s great about them?

gold jewelleries best known for jhumka earrings online shopping ): Throughout the history of India, gold has always been a treasured metal known for its radiant natural beauty. This is why gold has been associated with the color of sun in Indian culture. Yellow colored gold jewelry is a dominant part of the consumer demand. However, the diversification seen in the color palette as of recent has changed this dynamics. Today, gold is available in both the solo form as well as mixed with other popular metals that cater better durability for the jewelries while adding colors to the same.

Here are some of the popular features of gold jewelries that make them stand apart from the crowd.

1-Rare Occurrence:
Gold is actually a rare metal as compared to many other options. So it is always flaunted as an asset or investment. It is one among the earliest and the most-lived jewelry metal which is why people always seek out gold jewelries to show their position or status the society.

 The best feature any metal could have is minimal reactivity. Gold is known for having extremely low reactivity to moisture or any day-to-day chemicals. It takes longer for gold to develop any tarnish. This means, you get to enjoy and flaunt a bright colored jewelry piece that shines for longer, even decades. It rarely discolors when exposed to moisture for long duration. It can also be used as a plating metal over metals that tarnish easily.

3-Distinctive Color:
Gold flaunts a rather distinctive color. This yellow-golden color reflected by gold is something can cannot be achieved by any other jewelry and not even brass which is flaunts a color pretty close to that of gold. The luminous and warm hue seen in gold jewelries is something that has always been treasured for generations. Gold is often associated with an accurate representation of god, light, and the divine self.

4-Easy to Craft:
Gold is a soft metal with low melting point. This makes it a great option when it comes to crafting creative pieces with complex details. Even back in the days when machines weren’t the means used for crafting jewelries, gold made it easy for the jewelry makers to creative exclusive designs that led to its popularity.

5-Great Investment:
Gold is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. With time, the prices of gold have only increased deeming it a safe investment option that comes with great returns. Additionally, gold is also known to be the metal that symbolizes Goddess Laxmi according to Hindu Mythology. This is why people always purchase gold jewelries on the eve of Dhanteras which is a festival right before Diwali, the festival of lights.

To sum it up, gold derives its popularity from the deep-rooted multi-faceted nature it flaunts. So go ahead bring home some of the best designs crafted with gold to add to your collection.
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